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Kurgan 06-09-2000 11:20 PM

"Custom" JK/MOTS Sabers (no BFP required) ; )
This may be old news to you veteran JK/MOTS players out there.

This might take some loading, but here are a couple of the better "custom" sabers that are included on the JK/MOTS games.

No extra files of any kind are required to use these sabers (and many others). They are simply textures taken from the game itself, so everyone can see them in MP games.

If anyone needs detailed instructions on making your own custom sabers, just ask and I'll go into detail. Or feel free to discuss your own favorite custom sabers. ; )


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Kurgan 06-09-2000 11:21 PM

Here's another:

It is my hope that ObiWan also has this "hidden feature" of allowing any texture to be used for a saber blade. Or maybe they'll do us a favor and have RGB sliders to pick the color. Who knows? ; )


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Kurgan 06-10-2000 03:39 AM

The textures used, in order, are:

sthandb (black ghost saber), boost2 (neon orange saber), s2chestr (chrome saber), and dark (dark surge saber).

I'm testing out some others, and I can post those too, if anyone wants me too.


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