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Garindan 09-21-2000 02:41 PM

Favorite level...
What is your favorite level for jedi knight?

I like the level where you get the lightsaber. i think it's level 5. the one with those awesome grave tuskens.

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Pedro The Hutt 09-22-2000 07:50 PM

OH, I tought you mean't MP levels.
Let's see... I like that level with Max hidden in it.

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Garindan 09-22-2000 08:02 PM

that's that city level right, and max runs and if you don't follow him he'll shut the door and lock it? i only saw him like once.

Kipple Master 09-25-2000 01:42 AM

Yeah Level 5 (the city with max) and level 17 (after defeating Sariss) would have to be my favourites.

LDB_Leeman 09-25-2000 12:51 PM

Siege on Derra IV is one of my favourite third party levels. As for favourite LEC single player level, I'd say it was one of the later JK levels. I can't really single one out though...

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oninosensi 10-05-2000 05:41 PM

What is with that Rabbit on level 5 anyway? He killed me...


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Pedro The Hutt 10-05-2000 06:23 PM

He normally doesn't attack you, he only does that when you attack first. If press "space" in front of his face, he should follow you around and help killing.

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oninosensi 10-06-2000 01:24 AM

oops, silly me....

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Bartolo_JCS 10-09-2000 02:32 AM

um, max isn't even standing up wtf? there are 4 of his faces on level 5 on the tubes to the fuel station fool

Kurgan 10-14-2000 07:36 AM

My fav was probably Level 6 (the Tall Tower) in JK. As for MotS, it was probably the Rancor level or the first one (gotta love the base). ; )

Of course there were many great levels in JK, like the Falling Ship, but if I had to pick one, it would be the Tall Tower because it had a lot of action and those AT-ST's scared me to death the first time I played, hehe.


oninosensi 10-15-2000 02:36 PM

Out of ammo and still got a walker to kill? Run behind them and slash at the legs with your saber. they can't turn fast enough to stomp on you.

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