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Garindan 09-21-2000 11:17 PM

i got it to work, i got rbots to work!!!!

I'm never going to play single play again!!!!!!! Well maybe occasionally.

It's so cool, i like the canyon oasis, i love it how the bots like to get that rail detonator, but they constantly use it, which is a good thing, 'cause it makes it more challenging. Since i'm a tusken, i like to use the Bowcaster, and i like to use the sniper scope on the stormtrooper rifle, i can't find the imperial repeater though, someone always has it!!

Garindan 09-22-2000 01:20 PM

Alright, here's the changes that they should make:

Choose your own bot to play against
Make the bots a little more stealthy
Make the bots be able to play the ysalamari level
Make the bots be able to play in the Rancor level.

I can't wait until the rbots project is completed!!!

I'm glad their using it on mysteries of the sith first.

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Kurgan 09-22-2000 01:34 PM

First things first.. they need to add backpack functionality back in. Plus there's no scoring yet, that needs to be added.

Force powers aren't finished yet either, but at least that's forthcoming. The saber support is a big step forward. ; )

I noticed a lot of the new features (like 30+ bots etc) are not implemented in the latest version (ie: you need to modify the patch yourself in order to get those things). To say nothing of the JK version...

Of course it's not even beta yet.

Looking better... good luck to the team.


Garindan 09-22-2000 04:32 PM

Hey kurgan, what do i need to modify and how do i do it in order to get the 30+ characters? That'd be like so cool, but i'd probably only make there be up to 10 or i'd do a 1 on 1 type thing.

I got the latest patch comander, i think it's 4.0 or something like that, i got it last night, please tell me how to modify the patch, my email is if you prefer to send it there.

Dave Maul 09-22-2000 04:56 PM

Where can I download the MOTS Rbots?


Garindan 09-22-2000 05:26 PM

at this site: you'd better get patch commander too, and i tried to dload the full thing one, but it wouldn't work, so you gotta dload them one at a time. it's very fun.

Kurgan 10-14-2000 07:45 AM

Actually I'm not sure exactly what to modify to make it work. Best to ask the author directly (Raynar). In fact, how about you post the answer on here so the rest of us can see it too? Thanks. ; )


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