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oninosensi 10-15-2000 06:59 PM

I wanna PLAY
Other than, where else can you play JK & MoTS online?

"You gave me an ABNORMAL BRAIN?!"

ReAcToR 10-18-2000 11:02 AM


Go to and download Gamespy Arcade. It is somewhat like the Zone, but has far fewer bugs and many new options that the Zone will probably never have.

There is also the JediBoard which you are practically standing on.

There is also QTracker:

Hope that helps. :)



Kurgan 10-18-2000 08:06 PM

I'll second that, and invite your friends over to those places Reactor mentioned, they can be lots of fun. Sure there are fewer people than on the Zone, but IMHO the folks here are more polite and friendly... ; )

Access JediBoard from here:

JB works with Qtracker (ie: you can use Qtracker to launch your game and it posts automatically and you can use QT to scan JB for active games).


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oninosensi 10-19-2000 02:17 AM

Coolness, thanks all.

"You gave me an ABNORMAL BRAIN?!"

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