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Kurgan 10-18-2000 07:57 PM

Drazen Isle and other "big levels.. ; )
Yipee! Now that my system is top notch and fast again (for the first time in years) I can actually play levels like Drazen Isle smoothly. I fired it up the other day and was getting 90-100 FPS (60 fps in some of the worst spots).

Go ahead level authors, hit me with your best shot! Even the laggiest levels are now smooth... can't wait to try out the Manowar 3 levels. ; )


oninosensi 10-19-2000 02:21 AM

Must be nice.

"You gave me an ABNORMAL BRAIN?!"

Pedro The Hutt 10-19-2000 04:16 PM

Drazen Isle? Never heard of it. Please tell me where I can find it.

I am your father.

Kurgan 10-19-2000 09:11 PM

Ask our Jeff Walters, he made the thing after all. ; )


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