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Vegeta910 10-29-2000 01:09 AM

the Duel
where is the rail detonator on this map can someone please help me?


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Vegeta910 10-29-2000 01:17 AM

can someone please answer my question please?


Pedro The Hutt 10-29-2000 04:19 PM

Can you be a bit more precise, you evil saiyan. I prefer Krillin BTW.

I am your father.

Vegeta910 10-29-2000 04:49 PM

hehe padro i just need to know where the gun is


Vegeta910 10-29-2000 04:56 PM

hey does Krugon Know ? :^) :^o


Pedro The Hutt 10-29-2000 05:47 PM

Heyhey, I was only kidding, you evil saiyan turns good in the end you. but I mean is that the full name of the level. or is it something like duel o.t. fates SE. but anyway, if that's the full name, I'll see if I can find the level, download it, and take look.
Oh yeah, I think you mean Kurgan.

I am your father.

Vegeta910 10-29-2000 05:49 PM

yeah its the First Ctf Map called THE DUEL can u tell me where the detonator is its on the game


Pedro The Hutt 10-29-2000 05:53 PM

OOPS, I just rememberd that "The duel" is one of the CTF-levels you get with the game. sorry, it's just that I don't play much CTF-games(it's kindofa boring when you only have a 2 player network). but I'll take a peek anyway.

Pedro The Hutt 10-29-2000 07:16 PM

Wow, looks like we were both typing at the same time.

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Pedro The Hutt 10-29-2000 09:28 PM

Well, I've been busy trying to find the rail detonator, but all I could find were those rail charges. Maybe LEC just placed them there to decieve us.

I am your father.

Kurgan 10-29-2000 11:00 PM

CTF: The Duel for JK (and the MotS conversion is identical in this regard) has the Rail Detonator in a special place.

Notice the "top floor" corridors that are above the ground floor (containing the flags).

What you should do is get on the upper level and look for the cross bridge in the center of the level (the one where the Concussion Rifle spawns). Between it on either side are a spawn point for the power boost and the super shield on the opposite side. Go for the power boost side, and you should be able to jump THROUGH the wall (there's an invisible panel). Once you jump through there's a small elevator and switch, as well as a Super Shield, a Rail Detonator and two bacta tanks.

Normally such a powerful secret would probably unabalance the level, but this is CTF we're talking about, so while you're loading up somebody can snatch the flag. But you CAN snipe through a little window on the bottom level, and people can't see you on the other side.

Actually the way I found this was I was playing with a group and (I think it was Krayt Tion) got blasted by the splash from somebodies weapon and he went THROUGH the wall. I was shocked, and then I noticed rails flying through the wall at me. He then told us where he was and we figured it out.
; )

Pretty sweet if you ask me, it changes the whole dynamic of the level knowing where that secret is.

In the MotS version it's a little easier since you can rely on Soldiers to bring Rail Detonator's to the level. ; )


Pedro The Hutt 10-30-2000 07:47 PM

Wow, talk about "discovery by accident".

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