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Soul-Dazzle 10-29-2000 11:59 PM

Jedi Religion...
Do Jedis have a religion? Is the force a religious type thing?

Or is being a Jedi more like being a samurai where you just follow a strict code?

Sorry I dont know all this star wars stuff, I just play the game.

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JediKnight 11-18-2000 08:56 PM

The Jedi do not have a religion but its definately a mixture of both. Hope it helps.

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BeastMaster 11-24-2000 12:20 AM

The Jedi don't have a religion per se, but awareness the Force does bring with it certain religious aspects.

Speaking as a "Quasi-Catholic Animist with Pagan leanings" (or possibly just Quasi ), I'd imagine it's hard to hold to any organized dogma when the unifying energy of the universe (a.k.a. God) is such a palpable thing.

It would kinda rule out the entire faith angle.

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