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Cpl. Shepard 02-19-2001 11:36 PM

How's JK still doing MP wise?
Three years ago's chatroom didn't see an hour (except at night) where there wasn't about a dozen or more people in there creating games for people to join. One look in there told me that's just not the case anymore. Anyways, I'm thinking of buying my copy of JK and MotS back from the kid I sold it to and I'm wondering what the MP situation for those games are. About how many people still play it MP, how easy/hard is it to find a game, and is the Zone a good idea or a bad one?

I might as well get the other questions out too:

1.) Where's a good source of user-made SP and MP levels (with reveiws if possible)?

2.) Where do I go for mods, addons, skins, and things like that?

3.) Does Jeff Walters still have his Cloud City site up, and if so where?

4.) Are there any bots for JK or MotS yet? There weren't any back in 1998 if I remember correctly, but then that was some time ago.

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oninosensi 02-20-2001 12:34 AM is not bad, but there are alot of cheaters/hackers around, and a lot of lame players to contend with.

as for your questions:
1 & 2), first get patch commander (your cue, Kurgan; the link is?)
3)I don't know
4)Rbots can be found through a link at

as for popular levels and mods:
Jedi High School appears to be the most popular level fo JK on the zone, mostly used with the Killers Weapons Pack, a collection of over powered guns, with a nice grapple mod thrown in. Also try Morphous, a level i love, but never came out of a MP game with a positive score!!

Get BFP2X from JKmag- also popular (i like the MechaJedi skin myself!)

Other popular mods include Spork 1.2 and the Spork level pack.

As for MoTS, the only mod I have seen used regularly is Manowars2, also at JKmag.

hope this helps-

The Master is Back
with a vengence

Boba Rhett 02-20-2001 11:51 AM

Make sure you get ALL the Birth of a Mercinary SP levels and download the latest massassi level pack.

Don't get Spork, get ninja cage! It's awesome and it's ughnn...*shot in the back of the head again*

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Kurgan 02-20-2001 04:05 PM

What those guys said. Here's some links: Admiral's Command Chambers, a big site devoted to SP user made levels (many reviewed).'s levels section (with some mods too), biggest collection I've seen thus far (of course they don't have everything, but a good selection). Our very own HyperView, lots of stuff, not updated much lately (long story), and not all organized, but plenty of stuff and reviews too.
Levels and reviews, again not updated very often recently, but plenty of levels and reviews (check the "library" section after choosing your "side"). JKMAG's BFP2X page, get a couple of great big skinpacks here. JKMAG also has some links to other patches and such on the site. There is a link to patch commander here, but if not, go here:
Rbots website, with bots for JK and MotS (in development, but you can download a beta version and send the author feedback!). A new version is coming "soon" whenever the site issues with Massassi and their new host get resolved.

There are I'm sure other level pages out there, but those are the biggest that I have seen that are still navigable. ; )

Lots of folks still play on the Zone, a few play on GameSpyArcade (you have to track them down and invite them into the game mostly) and people continue to use the IP boards/Qtracker at ( Qtracker is a free program that can scan the IP boards to see if games are up, and also to host your own games. You can have it automatically update the IP boards with your game too when you launch directly from QT).

The server boards can be found here:

If you play on the Zone, chances are you'll run into cheaters, it's a fact. So get Kicker Helper and know how to use it!

I'd recommend saving this html page (ie: in IE go to "file" then "save as" and save this thread to your hard drive, then you can refer to it later, even offline).

Good luck! ; )


Kurgan 02-20-2001 04:07 PM

And you can go and download GameSpyArcade (also free) here:

Spork can be found at

And of course you can look through's hosted sites for more levels and mods. You can see that many of our sites haven't seen updates lately. Most of this is due to server problems we've had in the past, they should be resurrected/cleaned out fairly soon (so get those files while you can, just in case).

And I don't know the status of Jeff W's site, you'd have to ask him yourself. ; )


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Cpl. Shepard 02-20-2001 11:55 PM

That's great! Thanks for all the information, all of you. My friend is willing to sell me both JK and MotS for a mere $15 (same price as I sold it to him years ago and I should have secured the deal by Thursday. It's great to see that both these games are still alive and kicking so long after they were released (not unlike JK's predecessor) and I hope to see some of you kicking my Jedi butt out there soon!

oninosensi 02-21-2001 03:24 AM

My pleasure.

All those about to die, salute ME!

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