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ShadeShifter 05-15-2000 06:23 PM

Annoying Glitch
I just got JK Friday. When I am playing the game and I hit esacape to go to the menu, my game closes down when I try to reenter the game by hitting escape of clicking return to game. Does anyone know how to fix this.


Darth_Talon 05-15-2000 06:26 PM

hmmm.......thats never happend to me and i have had JK for a long time....when you push escape.....try not using escape to get back to the gmae try using your mouse....want to play online some time?

"Evil will always triumph over good because good is dumb."
-Dark Helmet to LoneStar (Spaceballs)

ShadeShifter 05-15-2000 06:41 PM

I can't wait to play online, but I have to wait until I get back to school in 2 weeks. I don't have internet access at home so I have to go to the local library to get online (like right now).

The glitch also happen when I click out of the menu using the mouse. The wierd thing is that it doesn't happen all the time.


Darth_Talon 05-15-2000 09:16 PM

when you get back me by icq if you have icq # is 68900552

"Evil will always triumph over good because good is dumb."
-Dark Helmet to LoneStar (Spaceballs)

Kylilin 05-16-2000 09:05 PM

hey <b>Talon</b> if you wanna play on the zone or something let me know, my ICQ is 63120198
if you play on the zone, my zone name is _NERV_Kylilin

Kylilin, Jedi Master, and overall silly guy


ShadeShifter 05-17-2000 05:25 PM

I think that I found what the problem was. When I come to a place where there are transparent graphics (water, windows, etc.) my machine would slow down, so I turned on the backbuffer (I think that's it) under the display section in the menu. The graphic performace increased, but that's when my game started to messing up. I reinstalled the game and I'm playing with the backbuffer off and everything works fine now.


solo_anakin 05-18-2000 11:24 AM

I'm not suprised. JK likes being reinstalled. I have had to reinstall the game about 4 times in the last year.

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