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Soul-Dazzle 11-17-2000 12:22 AM

Starting up a new editing group :
Hello, MattMan ( and myself ( are starting up a new editing team.

We are making a new TC for MotS (SP & MP) but its just too cool and difficult to be done by two people (even though Mattman is the only one of us that can edit).

Its not your average MOD, it combines elements from many different things and rolls them all into one.

I don't want to give away the details until we have people and the project is underway.

Once I and MattMan know you are down for the cause we'll clue you up as much as possible.

He has already done some weapons and skins.

We are in need of Modellers, Levellers, Skinners, Coggers, 3DOers, and any other -ers that I have missed.

Our team doesn't have a name or web page yet but that is purely because it doesn't exist due to the fact that we need members to make it a reality.

So please email either myself ( or MattMan ( as soon as possible if you wish to join.

If you think that your editing skills are not up to scratch, don't worry, I don't have any so you're doing better than me. Join anyway.

A bit of background info, MattMan was one of the people behind the X-Men : The Movie TC and he had done some magnificent work (Skins and retractable wolverine claws) but the project was cancelled due to lack of enthusiasm by other members.

Our current TC WILL happen if those among you with ANY skills join the team.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.


E-Mail me @
E-Mail Mattman @

S o u l - D a z z l e AKA Dj Dynasty AKA Dynastical Fantastical AKA Sphinx Leone AKA Tha Hundred-Thousandth Archer Out Ta Mark Ya AKA Tanuki AKA Ninja-Syringer

Soul-Dazzle 11-17-2000 11:29 AM

Please Im serious, we NEED the help.

Q - D o u g h

AKA : Cocobandito

Soul-Dazzle 11-18-2000 03:06 AM

Please help me, we NEED the members.

Im now going to release the info because we are DESPERATE.

Its going to be a TC that combines all the best elements from :

Star Wars
The Matrix
Gangstas from tha Ghetto
Ninjas and Samurais.

What more could you want in a mod? Please its a big project and Mattman is after all only ONE man.

Thankyou again.

Q - D o u g h

AKA : Cocobandito

Boba Rhett 11-18-2000 11:27 AM

I guess I could help out if your that desperate.

Soul-Dazzle 11-19-2000 12:12 AM

mate, you are a God.

thankyou very much.

please email me ASAP, or email mattman.

thankyou again

Q - D o u g h

AKA : Cocobandito

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oninosensi 11-19-2000 02:26 AM

I just started level editing, but might be able to help

"You gave me an ABNORMAL BRAIN?!"

Soul-Dazzle 11-19-2000 09:13 AM


ominosensei, email me @ ASAP man.

thankyou everyone for your support.

Q - D o u g h

AKA : Cocobandito

Soul-Dazzle 11-20-2000 12:49 AM

ominosensei and boba rhett please email me at

our current project is on a ninja mod that is going to totally flog ninja kage and anything else thats ever bore the name ninja.

Q - D o u g h

AKA : Cocobandito

BeastMaster 11-24-2000 12:12 AM

I'll help with skinning (check out for some samples of my work).

"The Beasts know much that we do not." -Ancient Jedi proverb

Soul-Dazzle 11-24-2000 12:18 AM

okay Beastmaster. all your skins seem to be Jedi related, and only minorly edited.

The skins our team will produce are entirely UN-jedi related.

Funk Blast Editing, we arent really feeling the jedi universe too much. like we think the force is cool and so are lightsabres but thats where it ends.

If you are able to make totally new skins from scratch then email me at


Feel tha FUNK BLAST!

AKA : Cocobandito

Boba Rhett 11-25-2000 10:54 PM

I can do skins from scratch but not very well.

Soul-Dazzle 11-26-2000 09:34 AM

can you make levels?

at this stage that is the big thing we need people for, mattman as most of the other stuff out of control.

Feel tha FUNK BLAST!

AKA : Cocobandito

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