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StormHammer 03-23-2001 12:56 AM

New Lucasarts Game Survey!
I suggest you all go and fill it out right here....

If Lucasarts are really looking for what we want, this is your best chance of getting it...

----[] So be it...Jedi []----

JediKnight_114[b] 03-23-2001 01:54 AM

Great survey.

Everybody really should take it.

paulbarnard 03-23-2001 03:07 AM

Why? They track sales not wish lists. If you want them to make more FPS for the PC, then go out and buy the FPS.

Garindan 03-23-2001 03:46 PM

order from their online store, order 100 of them!

Garindan 03-23-2001 03:46 PM

Rogue Squadron 2 for the PC would be better than any 1st person game!

paulbarnard 03-23-2001 04:13 PM

You can call it Episode I Starfighter, but it's Still Rogue Squadron and it still sucks.

Jedi SuperBuen 03-23-2001 11:03 PM

Maybe to you paulie baby...

I think my biggest beef is when people make the same topic in 5 different sections... Mods please take action on this!

Ash to ash,
Dust to dust,
Fade to black,
But the memory remains...

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