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Chiles4 03-23-2001 06:24 PM

Can you rip the music from MotS?
I finally decided to crank the music while playing MotS. It's awesome stuff. It really makes the adrenaline pump. Does anyone know if it can be "ripped" from the CD. I've already pulled all the Force Commander music from that game but the JK music is even better!

Pedro The Hutt 03-23-2001 07:43 PM

Hehehe... That's an easy one, those are regular CD tracks, you can put them in your CD-player, but just don't play track 1, that's the program.

I am your father.

BeastMaster 03-24-2001 07:08 PM

Yeah, if you play track 1, your CD player will become a battle-droid and chase you around with a blaster.

"The Beasts know much that we do not." -Ancient Jedi proverb

Garindan 03-25-2001 01:47 AM

he said 'rip' the track off the cd, not play it.

Argath 03-25-2001 03:33 AM

They gave him the answer he requested. If it can be played in a CD player, it can be ripped.

Chiles4 03-25-2001 06:01 PM

I tried looking at the MotS CD with Nero but it just saw it as a data disk. I then dowloaded Audiograbber. It found 13 song tracks but it only gives me the ability to rip 7 of them. I then tried the two JK cds and again, Audioripper would only let me rip about half the tracks. I confirmed that the tracks I couldn't rip are actually songs.

Garindan 03-26-2001 12:54 PM

i use rioport audio manager, which came with my cpu, and i have no clue where to dload it.

Pedro The Hutt 03-26-2001 09:02 PM

You must have the trail version of AudioGrabber it autoselects half of the tracks, but stop and re-start the program, and you'll have a new set available.

I am your father.

Boba Rhett 03-26-2001 10:00 PM

*kisses Gamut Formosoft musician*


I calculated the odds that this would work versus the odds that I was doing something incredibly stupid...and I went ahead anyway.

Chiles4 03-27-2001 01:25 PM

You were right about Audiograbber, Pedro. Thanks for the help.

Pedro The Hutt 03-27-2001 07:26 PM

You're welcome.

I am your father.

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