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fartvader 06-17-2002 04:41 AM

is it me or is the quality of this game falling rapidly?? please voice your opinion
ok, i've been playing jkII:outcast since day one. starwars is a part of my culture, so naturally i love sabering and anything starwars related, ctf was by far my fav, no useless bashing, but good clean fun. now when gta3 came by i didn't play for an entire week. after a week i got sick of gta3 and started playing jkII again only to see how much the game started sucking, no serious sabre fights were going on on any server, just a quick combo of the same move over and over again, and then saying they're 1337 and you're not cause you don't know the move, now i guess some of you know the move i'm talking about, if you don't then here goes.

the "1337" dude sees someone, he runs over quickly starts pulling (preferably coming from behind so the other never knew what hit em) when the guy falls down he turns around and starts bashing his button on medium mode, the spin starts, the guy who's floored can do almost nothing to counter it except for hit the jump button frantically and be lucky to escape with 19hp left. if you don't jump the dude will get you in one hit. now hte even bigger lamers use force absorb so they can't be pulled down at all but they can still pull yuo down, yeay.

i find this kind of behaviour disturbing to say the least, it's totally screwing up the gameplay, and if force powers aren't enabled on the server it goes as far as people attacking eachother while running backwards so tehy can pull of the spinmove.

isn't there a way to cut this from the game, it's seriously destroying the gameplay and most people say well he won't stop doing it so i'll just start doing it too. this really sucks, the game just isn't fun anymore this way, whoever pulls the fastest wins, now where's the skill in that. :(

if anyone thinks i'm right or you think i'm a complete lamer cause i won't pull off the 1337 trick, please tell me i'd like to hear other's people s opinion on this, do some of you enjoy a good game or are you willing to do everything to win even if it means repeating the same old dumb move over and over and over

The DarkVader 06-18-2002 11:41 AM

I think u are right:)

sam&maxballa629 06-19-2002 01:22 AM

too many words!!!!!!
*NO KITTY. MY POT PIE!!!!!!* :yoda:

teleguy 07-02-2002 10:52 PM

You can disable push and pull when you host a server. Use the console commands forcetoggle 3 and forcetoggle 4

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