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paulbarnard 04-03-2000 03:34 AM

New XWA and JK Group
Basically, a few of us from a group got pissed off and split. We're going to be both JK and XWA (although you only need one). Ain't the prettiest, but the best we could do in a few short hours yesterday...

Mostly looking for people who want to play regularly (minimum 1 time a week) and hopefully talk online daily.

No major role playing emphasis (although there is some) because looking mostly for people who have busy real lives, but want a fun, close knit group to join.

Paul Barnard
aka Bad Monkey

paulbarnard 04-12-2000 01:09 AM


Knight Watch is now working in a cooperative venture with another XWA group, the GSS. Check details on either of our respective web pages soon or email me personally.

Paul Barnard
aka Bad Monkey

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