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Plo Koon 04-29-2000 04:09 PM

I just got here, and would have been here a while ago, but someone told me the code name for this place, and not the real name. Anyways, I'm here. Should we let Adi_Gallia in here too?


Jedi Kanigget 04-29-2000 05:09 PM

I thought she WAS invited. Was she invited? Who didn't invite her?


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jedihorn1 04-29-2000 05:38 PM

I dont know... she was supposed to be invited. Welcome Plo, it is good to have you here. Well, plo I suppose you could invite her.


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Adi_Gallia 04-30-2000 12:32 AM

Who said I wasn't invited? I hate not being able to use HTML on this forum...And where the heck did UBB Code come from?!::does a Jar Jar impression:: Mesa back! I want to use my font and color in here!!!Darn it, oh well. Hey everyone. RED DWARF!


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