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Mace_Windu 04-26-2000 07:24 PM

Just an idea....
This may seem trivial to some of you but I think it would be a good idea to make more levels(other then aprentice, knight, master, and council). A lot of other forums have a lot more and i think it would be cool. I don't know what other levels you could add(Maybe devide up the Knight levels into Like Knight first class and Knight second Class or something like that although it doesn't really go along with star wars) but there has to be something. Also maybe it would be cool to have people choose to follow either the Path of the darkside or the path of the lightside when they regester(kinda like in Darkforces 2: Jedi Knight when you get to choose with path to follow) and make levels like Sith Apprentice and Sith lord for those who opt to follow the Darkside. I've heard several people bring that up and I just thought that would be a cool idea. Thanx


Mace Windu, Jedi Master
May the force be with you....

Jedi Kenobi 04-26-2000 08:33 PM

Like they do on the forum

Jedi Kenobi
Jedi Knight

Ikhnaton 04-26-2000 08:53 PM

the XWA forum only has four ranks. Jedi Padawan and Jedi Knight for junior members and members. Sith and Sith Lord for mods and admins, respectively.

to add more ranks requires a hack into the UBB code which is always a risk. Not sure what Aristotle would have to say about that.

darthjustin69 04-26-2000 10:04 PM

sounds like a great idea mace!!!

... "You are no match for me weak Jedi"


Kurgan 04-26-2000 11:32 PM

Well the more you use ranks, the more you get people posting filler just to go up in "rank" and then you have more "factions" of people thinking they are better than the next guy because of a title.

The ranks now basically indicate: regular member, member who posts a LOT or has been here a long time, moderator, and admin.


Mace_Windu 04-27-2000 12:03 AM

That makes sense Kurgan but the lightside/darkside thing still seem like a good idea. It would be the same ranking just with sith names. If either of these is hard to do then don't bother because its not important. I just thought it would be cool.

Mace Windu, Jedi Master
May the force be with you....

Ikhnaton 04-27-2000 01:19 AM

did anyone hear what i said?

MasterYoda 04-30-2000 05:48 AM

I did and Im try to listen and learn as much as I can


MasterYoda JPB Moderator

darthjustin69 04-30-2000 03:23 PM

I think what mace said was excerllent i would much rather be a sith lord than a jedi knight

... "You are no match for me weak Jedi"


Sith Order Member

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