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SWGC 06-23-2002 02:39 AM

Jedi Under Fire - Interactive RPG
Welcome to Jedi Under Fire. Anyone who wants to join is welcome.

Here's the plot:

It's thousans of years after the galactic battles. The Jedi Council is ruling again. You're a young Jedi who just finished his training. For no particular reason, the Council calls you.

Council: "Greetings."
You: "Hi there."
Council: "Congratulation for your success in the training."
You: "Thank you, master."
Council: "Now, to our buisness."
You: " :( They never just chit-chat."
Council: "We heard there the Siths are gathering powers and planning on building a special sith unit for hunting down Jedis on missions. So, were now sending a team of 5-10 young Jedis to stop it. They'll have unlimited supplyments and guidelines. Want to join the team?
You: "Sounds sweet, but I'm not sure."
Council: "OK, we'll find someone else"
You: "I'll take it!"
Council: "Good luck on your way. you're gonna need it."

Sign up forum:

Name: ~The character's name~
Age: ~18-25~
Sex: ~Male/Female~
Looks: ~How the character looks~
Personality: ~What your character like~
Master: ~The one who trained the character~
Lightsaber color: ~Blue, green, purple, or anything that isn't red~
Specialism: ~Can be a Force power, or something like flying or pod racing~
Background: ~A little bit of history~

superthrawn 06-26-2002 01:15 PM

Name: Krrbrakahk
Age:17 (If I'm right, Noghri age slightly faster than most species.)
Species (You forgot to mention this part. Stupid human supremicists. This is how the empire was formed.): Noghri.
Gender: Male
Looks: Much like a standard Noghri, he has steely grey eyes and a protruding jaw, and extremely strong, wiry muscles. He does have dyed shock blue hair on the top of his head, more as a rebellious thing, than any true usefulness. Of course, now he'll have to get rid of it. He has a minor scar on the right side of his face, due to an unfortunate run in with a blender as a child.
Personality: Strictly business. He gets the job done, but tends to isolate himself to all but his best friends, though his loyalty is fierce, and it takes something incredible to break it.
Master: He was trained by a Chiss known only as Chid. (It's purely a conincidence that he shares the same name as Corran Horn's cooking instructor.)
Lightasber color: A shocking yellow
Background: Realized as a Force adept at an early age, Krrbrakahk has lived an uneventful life training to be a Jedi until now.

HS_Diablo 02-15-2003 08:37 PM

why does it say bantha fodder under my name?
why does it say bantha fodder under my name?:fett:

HS_Diablo 02-15-2003 08:48 PM

Age: 25
Looks: He is an average sized Trandoshan
Personality:he is usually quiet
Master:Jedi master Brind Ellan
Lightsaber color:Orange
Specialism:he is a good shot with any type of laser rifle
Background:His Father was killed fighting wookies and he was found by the jedi(cheap I know)

Archangel WT 10-21-2005 05:01 PM

Name: Tai White
Species: Human, Caucasian (White)
Age: Can it be under 18? =/ If not => 18
Sex: Male
Look: Long curly dark-red hair, sporty, 6 feet (180 cm) tall, green eyes, vertical scar on zee left eye. Ivory skin
Master: Gungan Jedi Master named Steven Tyler... =)
Lightsaber: Silver
Specialism: Force powers and an ability to control fire (incinerating and extinguishing)
Personality: Likes to talk alot, do not likes to be like others and hates Obi-Wan Kenobi =)
Background: Born in Naboo system, at early age was brought to Academy at [where your academy lies at]. During the Jedi training also practiced as musician (on strings), and it is his first mission, so he knows very little about real battle

When do we start playing? =)

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