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Master Kenobi 05-17-2000 09:09 PM

Jedi Council:
Hi, as you may know, I've been frequenting this board since the JPB forum first appeared and have helped out and contributed to almost every forum.
Now, my question is: How is one chosen to become a moderator. I do not assume to fight my way into the position, I only inquire as to how you base your decision. I am quite interested in moderating and if you look over my history here you will see that I have caused no problems and in fact helped to solve many. Again, I am not demanding anything, I simply wish to know more about the selection process.
I feel that I would be a capable moderator for I frequent this board daily. Thank you for your time and consideration.

May the Force be With You....

Wise, Honorable Jedi

[This message has been edited by Master Kenobi (edited May 17, 2000).]

Master Kenobi 05-17-2000 09:29 PM

do any of you check this forum?

Wise, Honorable Jedi

Master Kenobi 05-17-2000 09:37 PM

Hello? JK staff? Moderators? Jedi council?

Wise, Honorable Jedi

Kurgan 05-17-2000 10:36 PM

Hey guys. I'm on vacation, okay?! ; )

I was lucky to snag this computer, so don't expect to see me around too much here until next week though. See my response to this topic in the other post....


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