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Darth Kurgan 03-23-2000 01:25 AM

Your Call on Force Commander: Pick or Pan?
Well, I hadn't been anticipating Force Commander release, but I was wowed by the videos and screenshots on LEC's site in the last month or so. I figured it would be a good game (at least it looked and sounded good). I've gotten one person telling me it utterly blew chunks (dull, flat, boring), and another that said it was a great and fun game (fast paced, totally star wars).

I would like a show of opinions
*Please only respond if you have actually played the game, not some hearsay*. If possible also include your system stats.

I am interested in two things essentially:

How does it rate as a Star Wars game? Is it "true" to the SW universe? Does it have the right "feel"?


How is it as a game? Is it fun? Is it innovative? Is it hard? Is the interface good? Etc.

Your input is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


ObiWan 03-23-2000 01:29 AM

Do ya want my opinion again Kurgan

Ive already played way too much, cant stay away. It is humiliating however to be destroyed by a squadron of 8 or so Tie Fighters.

The Rifter 03-23-2000 02:41 AM

**** Minor Spoiler ****

I have been playing it, and really enjoy it. I like that you DON'T have to collect resources. You're command points are directly related to your ability in the field. Plus, being able to kill Ewoks... well, that is just the icing on the cake!

Chewie 03-23-2000 11:36 AM

Isn't being able to kill ewoks, the high point of any game? I'm really loving it. The interface is great. I'm running it on a pentium 2 366Mhz, 64 meg ram, with a Voodoo 3 2000. The gameplay is NICE! All in all, I give it two thumbs up.

solo_anakin 03-23-2000 12:04 PM

I like the game. Im on the 4th mission. I have a P2 400 128 RAM and a Vodoo 3 2000. The graphics look great to me and the interface is not really as bad as I have heard people say it is.

sheared 03-23-2000 09:34 PM

System Stats:

-PPro 200
-128 Megs RAM

I have to turn down a lot of the graphic options to make it run decently on my PC (but can still run it at 800x600). On a five star system I'd give it:

graphics: *** (on my system (even turned down), **** 1/2 based on screenshots)

sound effects: **** (when I approach a unit, the sound seems to start abbruptly (no fade in), but other than that it's very nice)

music: ***** (John Williams, 'nuf said)

general gameplay: *** (the camera is just awkward for me, but I'm getting better - this could go up once the camera becomes second nature)

AI: I've not played enough to judge, but it appears that the AI loves to rush. I hope it turns out to be a challenge

Intangibles: **** 1/2 (It's Star Wars. You can view the battles from eye level (although, don't expect to do much commanding from that level))

Multiplayer: I've not played it over the net yet (I've got DSL, so hopefully that'll help considering my slow system)

Overall (not some kind of average of the above): **** (I like it a lot. Of course, I would have liked Rebellion a lot if my hand didn't cramp up from playing it (sooo much darn clicking). Luckily, my hand doesn't cramp from FC)

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DreadJedi 03-26-2000 08:08 PM

Overall I would say FC is heading in the right direction. The model of 80% of your time collecting resources is out of date. Even Blizzard knows it.

As FC stands I feel it plays very well to the Star Wars theme. And does an excellent jo in representing the feel I get from the movies.

Gameplay was a little rough at first. However once learning how to control the camera thing improved dramatically.

The single player missions were interesting, but a full out war between 4 players was far more entertaining.

FC is a definite hit in my book, I like that your troops gain exp with more kills a great touch.

System info:
p2 350, Voodoo 2, sound blaster 32.

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