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BuffJedi 04-20-2000 01:39 AM

I'm currently waiting for my pre-ordered 700 mhz Athlon with a Creative Labs GeForce video card to arrive. Is anyone else using this video card and if so, how does the game look with it? Did you have to download any drivers to play it? I have a AMD K-6 right now with a Monster Fusion card and it just doesn't cut it. The game plays but it's in slow motion. Nothing like spending $1500 for a game! LOL

Chunks 04-22-2000 07:56 PM

yeah lol.... ive spent 250 for one, kingpin i bought a vid card for it, tnt2 already outdated... kinda pissed but im gunna get a new comp soon anyway this ones kinda... crappy

umm, yeah

Dwarth 04-23-2000 06:14 PM


I use my Asus GeForce deluxe and the game really rock.. it's a very good investment.


BuffJedi 05-17-2000 02:31 AM

I've had my new computer for a few weeks and the GeForce is rockin! I have the game jacked to the max and it never skips a beat. If you're considering the GeForce with an Athlon, don't worry about what you read. It works great!!!

FCDude 05-17-2000 10:57 PM

Hey Buff,what kinda video card ya got?I wanna know cuz mine sucks and I want one that'll make the game look good.Also,how much is the video card ya got?

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BuffJedi 05-18-2000 02:51 AM

I have a Creative Labs GeForce. I don't know how much it costs...I think around 200 bucks. I pre-ordered mine along with the computer I ordered (Athlon 700). I also have 256 mb of RAM. You need lots of RAM to run 3-D games, so if you don't have at least 64 mb you need to get some more.

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