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Smithers 06-25-2002 10:17 PM

nd, I took your advice
Hey nd, I have spent the last week re-playing Riven, thanks to you.
It was well worth it, I was sooo stuck before and got fed up with the game and shelved it.
This time I got one hint that hepled my game-play immensely.
[The fire marbles were tricky as I had to get my co-ordinates just right].
I know this is an Indy Forum, so the rest of you will excuse me for the lapse into "another Age".
One more thing, what is your favourite game of all time (and why?).

nd 06-26-2002 09:32 PM

I'm not a big gamer at all. Started with Indy's Fate of Atlantis some years ago and liked that very much. This got me focused on LucasArts. I eventually played the Infernal Machine and afterwards Monkey Island III. That was it so far - until I got Myst Masterpiece Edition. I then got stuck on the Myst trilogy, played Myst, then Exile, then succeeded to get RealMyst at eBay and enjoyed this one very much and finally - Riven. I think I can really say that Riven is by far the most challenging game I ever played, yes, my favorite of all time. The problem is: once you solved it you cannot repeat the experience of the first time again, you simply know what to do next time. I'll play it once more as soon as I have more disk space so that I can avoid the CD swapping. And - the next Indy game is coming soon...

nd 06-27-2002 06:18 PM

Shame on me, I forgot a real wondeful one:

Douglas Adam's Starship Titanic

Should you succeed to find a copy: Get it! I really loved this game, very very funny and some quite challenging puzzles.

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