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ntblood 03-28-2000 09:30 PM

How do I get to "drive" an AT-AT ?!?!?
Hi. I've heard from two places now that one of the cool things you could do in FC was drive an AT-AT. Well, is this the literal truth (I read that you could command your forces from the AT-AT)? If so please let me know. I haven't seen it in the manual.

Fuel 03-30-2000 06:41 PM

I love the fast responses on this forum to "Jedi Apprentices".. or I mean the lack of responses... Well so far I haven't been able to get the AT-AT's yet... I think what they meant was that you can control them, like tell them where to go, not literally drive them... I think there MIGHT be a unit you can do that with, it seems the manual hints to it but the unit has no weapons...

sorry I cant be more precise, I'll see about posting a reply once I actually get to a level with AT-AT's.

early24 04-02-2000 08:28 PM

Well, I just played the Hoth level (first with AT-AT's) and the closest I could accomplish was attaching the camera to an AT-AT and zooming in really close. This almost gave the feel of "driving" the AT-AT, but suffered in effect when the unit changed course (i.e. the camera angle remained the same) If I figure anything better out, I'll post w/ it.

larylich 04-03-2000 03:26 PM

Here is how you take command of the AT-AT.

Take an infiltrator unit and have him ENTER the AT-AT (or AT-ST, TMRB, or any vehicle that can carry troops) by SHIFT + Right Clicking on them. Not there is not a 100% chance of this working, so send more than one infiltrator to do the job. Or freeze the armored unit with a zap from the Y-Wing ion cannon- then it works every time!

There you go!!!

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