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Krownis 05-04-2000 01:49 PM

Pretty amazing
Wow, since so many people seemed to have finished this wonderful game - or are very close to being finshed, the conversations seem to have died down substantially. Think I'll jump in for one more round myself.

tiger61378 05-05-2000 04:32 PM

You know, I have noticed the same thing...the only real conversations are about Redemption at Abridon II (the mission from hell) and the '0' code....does anyone have any GENERAL strategy tips?

"If there's a bright center to the universe, I'm on the planet its farthest from...."

fallen_angel 05-08-2000 12:09 PM

The only two tatics I have found to work well consistantly a the following;

1) For Imperial: Walk slowly and steadily into enemy bases with an AT-At clearing all buildings with its chin gun, supported by a small number of anti infantry and anti air vehicles. N.B. Always always remember however clear you think the base is its still better to have a chin gun shot in reserve before you advance.

2) For Rebels defending against repeated large scale attacks: Keep two Infiltrators in a hover transport in a flanking position shortcut key it (shift+1, worked well for me),
Once the supporting troops are thined out a little click <1> move in <F7> grab the infiltrators and capture the AT-AT then see 1.

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