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H.Solo 05-25-2000 01:41 PM

Problems with ordering down rebel air crafts?
I just want to find if any one had problems in trying to order down rebel aircrafts at about half-way through some of the missions? For a lot of the missions, after a certain point into the game, I would try to order down some more air support but they don't come and command points are still taken away. What am I doing wrong?

taxretrurn 05-25-2000 04:51 PM


Don't think that this happened to me. Does it happen in all of the missions or just one? You can only ever have 10 air units at any one time, and you only have 60 units in total, but if it shouldn't take off command points if you go over this limit.

Well, dunno really. Sounds to me like a glitch. Make sure you have downloaded the patch - maybe this will fix the problem.

Sorry I couldn't be more help!

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lecko 05-28-2000 04:35 PM

got the patch and exactly the same problem with imp planes. just playing sarapin 2. points are taken away but if you pay enough, 1000 - 2000, you can order again.

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it only happens if i load a saved game.

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