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Bimbat 05-29-2000 08:38 AM

Need help on Corusant
So i'm on mission 22 i think that is
to capture the Imperial Comand center and
destroy the four antennas.
So far so good ...i've destroyed the antennas na captured the command center and the heavy turrets infront of it..but now a new mission pop-ups..Eliminate tha countera-attack force...well kick me..but that is IMPOSSIBLE...despite the fact that i have only one AT-ST,one attack tank and 2 Infiltrators....the imperials come with 2 AT-STs one AT-PT 4 troopers 10 bikes and 5 Ties 5 you can see ..something is very wrong....only once i managed to destry them all except fot the ties and bombers..but that is because i don't have anything that fires on air???HOw do i destroy them...
The most intresting thing is that when i capture the imperial command center i don't start to recieve command points???
Something is not right... please help

H.Solo 05-29-2000 08:58 AM

If possible, start the level with 2 artillery type vehicles. If move slightly to the left, you should be able to go straight to the imperial command centre + AV turrets and take them over. Once you done that then just wait until you get full set of command points, as you should get a positive flow of command points. The rest should be easy!

Bimbat 06-01-2000 08:04 PM

Yes i managed to capture the command center but i don't get any command points..something is wrong..pls help

H.Solo 06-04-2000 09:32 PM

You have to capture the 2 AV turrets as well as the command centre, and make sure they survive, to get a positive flow of command points.

Bimbat 06-05-2000 08:06 PM

I have captured both of the turrets and the command center..but how long should i hold on to them to get command one point i have an incoming air strike ..and i still don't have any points...and no machines that attack air????

H.Solo 06-06-2000 05:41 PM

The way I did the level was to first capture the AV turrets and the command centre, then have command points flowing in. Onced it reached 5000, I then destroyed the 4 imperial communication towers. That then moves the game to the next stage of the level, in which you can order down reinforcements and fight the imperial offensive attack.

You may not be getting command points because of the force you start the level with. I basically had troopers + infiltators + repair droid + medical droid + two Loratus mobile proton-torpedo launchers.

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