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Indiana 09-07-2001 06:42 PM

Mission walkthrough/strategy

It's been a while since I played Force Commander mainly because I got stuck on the first mission where I became a rebel (I can't even remember the name of the mission, but it's the one where you start out in the prison cell in the Imperial base and have to escape with the help of the rebels disguised in stormtroopers uniforms). I could never escape from the base. After a while I lost interest. Anyone got any suggestions on how to beat this level? I'd love to finish the game.

There used to be a great online walkthrough of each level. I can't seem to find it anymore. I do remember that it was a site. Anyone else know this site? Thanks.

FCMan 11-19-2001 10:09 PM

On that level I did a little cheating. After I took over the imperial command center,I used my command points from killing units to bring down reinforcements(like Hover tanks and loratus proton torp launchers and stuff). It makes it easier(especially when you upgrade the attack tanks with a technology center,it can just barely fit in behind the CC).

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