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Tsuga C 09-26-2001 02:39 PM

FoCom--Editor in latest release?
When Lucas Arts re-released Force Commander as a "Classic" game for around $15 a while back, did they upgrade it at all from the version released previously?

Does anyone out there still play it?

On grading scale, I'd give it a 70-72--fair, but not good, let alone exceptional. I've only played the first release with the patch, so perhaps they've improved it a bit (I hope).

Hannibal 09-27-2001 01:41 PM

It's doubtful they did. It's not really in their nature to do that.

Tsuga C 09-30-2001 02:11 PM

So it would appear. Has anyone out there ever had a serious conversation with those provincial-minded people of Lucas Arts? Look at the success of Half-Life with all of it's spin-offs and modifications. One of these days Lucas Arts is going to pull it's collective head out of it's rear end and accept the simple fact that the Half-Life way of doing business is the way to ensure a devoted and LARGE following--we hope!

EKaterin61 04-07-2002 02:09 PM

;) Focom was on V1.1 in the Release you mention :) Hasn't got an Editor though.

Chiles4 04-09-2002 03:21 PM

If Lucasarts was going to release an editor for this game they would have done it a LONG time ago. There isn't going to be anything more on Focom from LA. It's a shame - though the game had alot of faults that turned people (and reviewers) off, I think the game concept had incredible potential. Where else can you command AT-ATs in full 3D? If Focom had been as good as say, Ground Control, I think Focom would have a HUGE following.

As said many times, an editor might have been too difficult because all of the enemy AI and movements is scripted.

And yes I still play. I'm on the Endor mission with the original trilogy cast and getting my butt kicked - I still haven't finished all the missions.

EKaterin61 04-10-2002 02:10 PM

:atat: It's a real pity to read that :( LA should try at Force Commander again and just re do the Engine. Focom II would give the game a new breath of life and a second chance to succeed where the predorsessor didn't.

Just because the original was un popular doesent mean a revised oen would also be. I am playing Focom V1.1 and I am loving it ! I admit it has taken me a long time to get into this game but once you begin to understand the general game play and work out strategy the game is worth while playing. Even if you do get your butt kicked ! LOL Well I actually like the game, people like my boyfriend won't look at it. :( Bummer cause I'd like to play a multiplayer game with him :D

(Is it weird a female to play this game) ?? - Well just wondering. ;) mind you I wanted to be Princess Liea when I was a Kid too :p LOL

Chiles4 04-19-2002 07:38 PM

To be honest, if I had to pick a game that women would like, Force Commander would probably not be on the list. And to tell you the truth I've got more Star Wars stuff around than the house than you can imagine.

You're right - that's the thing about Focom. The more you play it - the more you like it. I've had some incredibly glorious battles - it's great when you have to develop new strategies when you're stuck on a mission.

Alot of people complained about all the movement keys. I only used the W-A-S-D keys and used the mouse for all other movement. Ended up being very easy to manuever.

But Focom was a real gamble for Lucasarts and it didn't really pan out for them. I really don't think they'll try a 3D RTS again. If maybe they got together with the people who developed Ground that would be something.

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