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haazt 11-22-2001 08:38 PM

SWGB Clan recruiting
hey, i am Karax Haazt of the Unholy Scarabs,
we are a multi game guild that is playing SWGB too, so if you would like to join a top clan, this is the one for you,
You can also find us over at the offical GB forums, so if your over there keep an eye out for us

pandemonium 11-23-2001 01:56 AM

I'm afraid of commitment! :p Sorry, Karax, I'm already part of a... more informal clan! I don't have the time (or skill!) to be part of one of these top/major clans. :)

Pedro The Hutt 11-23-2001 06:10 PM

I'm loyal to Knight Watch, even though it doesn't exist anymore since sometime in October ^^"

ESE_Sithlord 12-02-2001 03:15 AM

Well Hutman I know how you feel loyal to a clan that is dead but you still carry that damn thought lol Same with me

Sorry but Iam a leader of a clan/Empire I mean so I cant sorry..

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