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Master Kenobi 05-24-2000 01:18 AM

Horrible Role Playing
To answer Exar, the shortness of the topics is because the Role Playing here just sucks. Everyone steps on everyone else toes and takes storylines where they weren't meant to go. I am not making comments directed at any one person, it's just that the RPing here just sucks in general. People try to do too much in one post and don't leave anyone else room to use there imaginations. Plus the fact that there are several of some of the characters and that everyone ultimately wants to do their own thing or have complete control over the story line. So, if any of you still want to role play on this forum, stop the meaningless post and shorten up your messages as to not limit other people on options. Thank You.

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Adi_Gallia 05-24-2000 07:30 PM

<font face="Calligraph421 BT"><font color="lightblue">...I have returned! And I agree with you a hundrend and one percent, Master Kenobi!If we could get more people here, this place would come alive. But noooooooo, all those people that wanted the RP forum decided not to ever come to it.

As Jar Jar would say, How wude! Anyways, sorry I was late in coming back. School's taken over my life, I know it's kind of sad. But I may have to leave here again while I begin a new website.


Jedi Master Adi Gallia

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Wickedness 05-24-2000 11:59 PM

I may not be exactly what you are looking for Adi-Gala...but I am more than willing to RP. I do get bummed when I come here and time and time again...nothing new. Maybe we should make something new eh? Whaddya say?


obi 05-25-2000 12:00 AM

i know you where just dyin to play my role play.thats why all of ya posted at once on star wars:the rebelion.i ended it quikly because you guys didnt post as much as i thought,and i thought it to be a re-run of my last role play i started about the sith graveyard dont call my role playing horrible because you didnt join in.dont blame me a bit.

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Hannibal 05-26-2000 05:49 PM

Before you guys start role playing again I would like Master Kenobi to insult everyone some more(sarcasm-In case you didn't know!!!

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Plo Koon 05-28-2000 05:12 PM

<font color="yellow"> Well, I agree with you too, Kenobi. That's why I haven't been around, because people do step on eachother when it comes to stories. Oh well.

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