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NeoFang 06-19-2000 11:54 PM

The Jekz Draken Chronicles
He looks over to Kalican who is concentrating fully on the space infront of them keeping his hand steady on the flight stick. He looks back to the same space that seemed to be there for the last few hours. They had been flying without stopping for the last twenty hours at least and he was getting tired of seeing the same stars and the occassional planet or sun. He needed sleep. Sure he had gone twenty hours or so before but he hadent been to sleep in about three days.
They were on their way to Earth4 a planet in the Deoloxic Galaxy. He didn't know where the other three earths where but he knew that he was to start his Jedi training there with a person who was said to be a professional at training people of his age. He was 24 and a half and felt that he needed to expand his horizon more, and figured that being a jedi would be a good way to do this. From what he had heard he only picked on person at a time even though he wasn't in with the council that was on of the rules that he abided by. That was pretty much it, that and that he had accepted him to be his apprentice.
They arrived at Earth4 a few hours ahead of schedule so they had a little time to rest before meeting with the man. They rented a room at a place they called the thruster Inn. It was mainly full of space shippers and stuff. They got a room and rested for a while. He awoke to the sound of Kalican singing a song that had been stuck in his head since they left the space port on Yavin. He got up looking at the digital alarm clock it said E12 which was about 10:00 o'clock in his homeland time.
His appointment with the man was at 12:30 so he got up and went into the bathroom. Unlike most Inn bathrooms this one had a toilet that was stop being used in the mid 22nd century. He did his buisness and went though his travel module and picked out his tan suit. He put it on, it wasn't his most comfortable but it was his nicest. He washed his face and hands, and layed his brown hair down as best as he coud. He strapped his belt on and put his blaster into his holster. He and Kalican set around talking of some of the Luke Skywalker adventures they had heard about and left about thirty minutes before the meeting time. They got there a minute or two before and knocked on the door of the small adobe style house. His knuckles against the steel ari locked door made a klanking sound that echoed for yards. They stood there fo a few minutes and then as he started to knock for the second time the dorr slid open and a man stood there in a white suit with a matching robe, his hood hung down on his back and his face was fully visable. He was abot 6'4 taller then Jekz by 3 or 4 incher, he had shiney black hair and a small trimmed beard of the same color.

"Ahhhh..."He said looking down at Jekz then his eyes shifted to Kalican.

"Your Jekz, and you are..." He ended leaving the sentence as a question.

"I am Kalican Jukonz, Jekz's pilot and friend." Kalican answered before Jekz could do it for him.

"He is my best freind actually..." Jekz added waiting for the man to reply.

After a few seconds of silence he responded "I can only have one apprentice."

"NO, I am here as a supporter actually...I still think a blaster at your side and a good eye is a good enough weapon for me." Kalican said smileing.

A smile came to the mans face and he moved out of the way of the door and motioned them in.

"So you want to be trained as a jedi...." He said

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NeoFang 06-20-2000 02:58 AM

"Yes Sir I am..." Jekz returned.

"I sense I have chosen the right one with you Mr.Draken..." He replied.

"I sure hope so Sir, Oh I didn't catch your name..." He said.

"That is because I didn't throw it young Jekz." He replied smiling at Jekz.

Jekz smiled back and looked to Kalican who had wondered away a few steps in the midst of the conversation and was looking a cargo ship that was taking off from the port they had landed on.

The man spoke making his attention turn back to him. "My name is Livik"

"Livik...Nice to meet you, so tell me when do we start my training?"Jekz asked.

Livik looked him over "As soon as you get some rest, I see the tiredom in your eyes"

"You are truley wise." Jekz smiled.

After a few exchangings of good bye's he called Kalican they were about to leave when Livik spoke "Wear somthing more comfortable tommorrow"

Jekz nodded and they turned and walked the few blocks down to the Thruster Inn and up to their room.

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obi 06-20-2000 10:50 AM

meanwhile all that was going on,Jacob Davis sat on earth1 in the milkyway galaxy.mmmmmm,that donut is soooooooooo good. i think i'll pop in a weird al cd. wich the saga begins.

"a long,long time ago,in a galaxy far away,naboo was under an attack. and i thought me and qui-gon jinn could talk the federation in to maybe cutting them a little slack. but their response it didnt thrill us.they locked the doors and tried to kill us.we escaped from that gas,and met jar jar and boss nass. we took upon though from the scene and we went to theed to see the quenn. we all wound up on tatooine,thats were we found this boy.

oh my,my this here anakin guy maybe vader someday later now he's just a small fry. he left his home and kissed his mommy goodbye sayin soon im gonna be a jedi,soon im gonna be a jedi.....

did you know this junk yard slave isnt even old enough to shave,but he can use the force they say. do you see him hitting on the queen though he's just 9 and shes 14. yea hes probably gonna mary her someday.we heard he built c-3p0 and we, heard how fast his pod could go.and we were broke its true,so we made a wager or two. wuh who!. he was a flyin ace and the minute jabba started off that race,i knew who would 1st place,oh was our boy. we started singin my my this here anakin guy maybe vader someday later now he's just a small fry. he left his home and kissed his mommy goodbye and said soon i'm gonna be a jedi, soon im gonna be a jedi.

we finnaly got to couruscant the jedi council we knew would want to see how good the boy could be. so we took him there and we told the tell how his medichlorians were off the scale and he might fullfil that proficy. the council was impressed of course,could he bring balance to the force? they interviewed the kid and training they forbid! cause' yoda sinced in him much fear,and qui-gon said now listen here. stick it in your pointy ear. i still will teach this boy.

he was singin my my this here anakin guy maybe vader someday later now he's just a small fry. he left his home and kissed his mommy goodbye. sayin soon im gonna be a jedi, soon im gonna be a jedi.

we got a ride back to naboo,because queen amadala wanted to. i frankly would have liked to stayed. we all faught in that epic war and wasnt long at all before,little hot shot flew his plane and saved the day. and in the end some gungans died,some ships blew up and some pilots fried. alot of folks were croaken,the battle droids were broken. and the jedi i admire most, met up with darth maul and now he's toast.i'm still her and he's a ghost. i guess i'll train,this boy.

and i was singin: my my this here anakin guy maybe vader someday later now he's just a small fry. he left his home and kissed his mommy goodbye sayin son i'm gonna be a jedi,soon i'm gonna be a jedi.

my my this here anakin guy maybe vader someday later now hes just a small fry.he left his home and kissed hiis mommy goodbye sayin soon i'm gonna be a jedi."

"that is one good song. i wonder what im gonna do today. maybe i'll visit earth4. yea.thats what i'll creepio! ready my ship!" i comand the droid.

"yes sir." it says.

NeoFang 06-20-2000 05:03 PM

When they get back to the room he goes immidiatly to his bed and falls downs as if he was unconcious, the bed bounces a bit as he arranges his self onto the pillow and then turns onto his side. He falls asleep almost right away. He awakes this morning like the last by Kalican this time he is repeating somthing and is leaning over Jekz. Jekz didn't take the words coming from him mouth in he was still half asleep. He closed his eyes tight then opened them once again and they were not as blurry as before. HE set there for a minute being now shooken by Kalican he made out "It is time" and from those words he jerked his eyes to the clock. They had ten minutes to get ready and to get there.
Jekz jumped up running into the bathroom running the water from the sink on his hands and then splashing it onto his face. He then runs back to his bed were his travel module sat and dug through it madly.
He found a solid black suit that was mad of a matterial he never heard of but he new it was his most comfortable. He put this on then got out his black robe the one he usually wore when it wasn't a special event he was going to, he did say dress comfortable didn't he.
From there he lifted the robe up strapping the belt and his holster on then sliding his blaster into the holser and buttoning the strap ov the top to keep it from falling out, they were defintly going to have to run he thought as he glanced up at the clock then droped the rob again it draped ofver him all the way to his ankles.
He looked to Kalican who was also just know putting his boots on as he put his own on. The were done almost simotaneously with each other and ran directly for the door. After leaving the Inn they began to run to the small house they had met Livik at the day before. He looked down at the time on his rist, they would make it if they ran ,he thought to himself.
They made it just on time yet Livik sat on the cement step in the front of the small house as if he had been waiting for hours.

obi 06-20-2000 06:14 PM

"set course for earth4,creepio."

" it made some errors,sir. we are already on track for that planet. i dont know how. but it blasted us to hyperspace and fact,we are already in the atmosphere and landing."

"well stop it!!!!!!!"

"i cant."

"you stupid droid!" i slammed my fist down and held it in my hands with a look of pain in my eye.

" sorry sir. the force is guiding it."

" the who?"

"the force."

"oh. i guess there is nothing we can do." the ship bumped as we landed and the hatch opened. i walked out to see a man standing there.he had a robe. i couldnt see his face though i couldnt see anything in this darkness.

"greetings,Jacob." he says.

"how do you know my name?"

" i know everything about you."

"why am i here?"

"you know why your here. your looking for someone.and you know who that is." he says.

"uh........yea...........uh.........morphious? "

"yes." a smile came to him. "take the red pill,and i will teach you your importance and the truth to real life. take the blue, and you will die.your choice."

"red." i take the pill from his hand and gulp it down. i got knocked unconcious.

i woke up.

"i think i know karate." i say.

"show me." he says as i kick at him and chop at him and he does the same and blocks. i start freezing in air and kicking his butt.he falls down and gets up and stands still.

"good." he says."now you must do a task i ask."

"what is it?" i ask.

" i have a jedi freind who has a new apperentice. the jedi isnt goin to be around all the time for his apperentice. i want you to gard his apperentice when he is not there. will you do it?"

" of course."

"good.they are staying in the temple 2 miles that way. good luck. may the matrix be with you."

he dissapeared and i started my walk to the temple.

NeoFang 06-20-2000 08:23 PM

(Why are you screwing up the story? I thought you rp'ed I was wrong I suppose! "May the matrix be with you" come on....this is Star Wars. If you want to RP for real in real time chat then just go to and register for chat from there pick any room then go to rooms while in the chat and pick user created there will be rpg rooms, these are full of good rp'ers learn or teach whatever you feel is right.)

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obi 06-21-2000 09:48 AM

sorry. i was extremely bored yesterday and i had just watched the matrix. i know how i can correct what i had previously posted to make it star wars. how bout he trained me the ways of the force-kung fu wich is known as teras kasi. so i am a master of teras kasi. and when he says "may the matrix be with you" he says "may the force be with you." would that make you happy?

NeoFang 06-22-2000 01:18 AM

((Yeah that'll do...Also is the same actor from episode 1, playing Obi-Wan Kenobi..Hope so.))

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obi 06-22-2000 09:43 AM

you mean ewan mcgregor? yes. obi-wan is returning with hayden christensen(new anakin), natalie portman,ian mcdirmid,smauel l. jackson. plus some new villians. (if thats what you meant)

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NeoFang 06-23-2000 01:57 AM

Yeah thanx....I usuallyt get my news from but their cast page for episode II isnt up yet, it says coming soon...Thanx again...Oh by the way I should hav4e the next section of this story posted soon, probably saturday since that is when Ill be over at my grandmothers(because I have more privacy, I hate when ppl like my mom who are only snooping around to see if Im doing sumthing wrong looking over my shoulder)

obi 06-23-2000 11:49 AM

i know what ya mean. when i was posting "the saga begins" by weird al she gave me a funny look and said" what are you doin,boy? your always on that damn computer!"

NeoFang 06-24-2000 02:34 AM

True Dat! Hey check out the RP chat I told you about...My names the same NeoFang that is, its cool. If ya decide to then tell me you name and maybe Ill see ya there

NeoFang 07-01-2000 02:54 AM

Livik looked at them as if he new what they were thinking and spoke.

"Welcome...I spent all night seeing into the future of your training as a Jedi." He smiled and began to stand.

Jekz noded to Livik and said. "Well, I hope it was good."

"Some were unclear some not as good as expected but most just as good as I had dreamed im my slumber, which isnt much these days with all the bounty hunters and other evil in the galaxy." He said looking concerned yet not as much as you would think.

We small talked for a bit and then continued inside and he looked him over for what seemed to be the first time that morning.

"Your freind over there he can leave if he dosent feel comfortable" Livik said in a low tone.

Before Jekz could respond Kalican answered. "Thank you" He hurried out in what appeared to be the direction of the main part of the city were the taverns and what not were built.

"Now your first lesson of your training will be taught." Livik said in a less calm and more exited voice than usual.

obi 07-01-2000 08:36 PM

Jacob arrives. The temple is empty and Jacob is confused. Iknow this is the right place,but where are they? he thought. Maybe training. i will stay here untill they return.

obi 07-02-2000 12:12 AM

hey neo, i read that you needed a pic for your signature, so did some reaseurch for ya. here are 4 pictures for you to choose.

i hope these will do.

------------------ Obi-wan13, A life, a jedi, a legend, a hero, a life for good. There is no death, there is the force.

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obi 07-02-2000 12:15 AM

all that time for nothing.....oh well. i tried.

obi 07-02-2000 11:49 AM

i fixed them. yay!!!!!!!!1

obi 07-03-2000 11:07 AM

the pics arent going to come up,but go to the websites and you will see them

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