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Darth_Maul 05-13-2000 05:10 AM

The Outer Rim (Continuation of the Sith's Mission)
<font color="red">It felt so odd, so empty here. Almost as though the force itself ceased to exist so far out in space. Checking his scanners, he noticed a dense planet a little ways ahead roughly the size of a small moon.

"I believe this is what we are looking for"

::Darth Chaos and Remmus anxiously paced, eager to spread more death and destruction::

Landing the Sith Infiltrator Darth Maul walked down the landing ramp followed by the two Sith. The planet felt strange to him. He was forced to press a re-breather to his face and affix it as the air was mostly Nitrogen.

Looking about, the planet seemed to have a mist evaporating off of everything. It was very swamplike with large pools of water everywhere making almost everything wet as well as twisted trees. It set Maul on edge... However, it was not the look of the planet that did it, it was the fact that he could barely sense the Force. For the first time in a very long time, Maul felt weak and unable to control the living force around him. Fingering his lightsaber, he headed into the swamp motioning for the other two Sith to follow him.

I've got a bad feeling about this...

Darth Maul
Dark Lord of the Sith Order

"Fear attracts the fearfull. The strong.....the weak....the innocent. Fear is my ally."

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Plo-Koon 05-13-2000 05:35 AM


Shortly after the Landing of the Sith Infiltrator the Millenium Falcon
jumped out of HyperSpace.

::I sensed something strange on the small dense planet::

'Could you land the the Falcon at that planet' I said to Han Solo.

"Of course mr. Koon"

'Please call me Plo'

"Certainly mr. Koon err Plo"

::I watched the landing, That looked more like a crash-landing I sensed that my force powers weren't strong anymore::

"Here we are"

'Would you like to come with us to the swamp ?'

"Looks dangerous, I like danger"

::Han Solo grinned::

'I should have known'

::I jumped in the swamp with Gary and Solo just behind me::

'I sense the Sith around here'

The three of us walked further in the swamp....

------------------ </FONT>
<FONT COLOR="66FF00" Size="4"> Plo Koon, Jedi Master</FONT>
<FONT COLOR="66FF00"> "My looks may not be good , but the Power of the Force is strong in me" </FONT>

obi 05-13-2000 03:20 PM

............suddenly an eye poked out of the water and made a moaning noise.i saw plo and gary fall in the stagnant water.i was then standing by myself.then plo's head popped out of the water.i saw him gasp for air as the alienn went down again.then gary did the same thing. i saw the eye pop out again,then went under. i saw what had them.a dionaga.they lived in dirty water and ate basically anything.i took out my blaster as the eye popped out again. i shot its eye.

it screeched i felt a tenticol rub on my leg and i jumped to avoid it.~theyre almost drowned! i have to do something!~ i swam under water. i put on a pair of planetary night goggles. i saw the tenticals.i aimed and fired from atop the water. i went down again,to see if it had any affect. and boy did it! i saw it release gary and plo as they started floating.~oh no!too late!~

i swam over and grabbed them both and brought them to the surface.

"chewie! come quik! bring the medical aid kit!" i saw the wookie runninng with a white object in his hand.plo and gary werent moving."give it too me!" the wookie gave me the kit. i used the breath intallizer(much like an oxygen tank) on plo.he started coughing and he sat up slowly.i used it on gary.he did the same thing.

"ugh!what happend?" gary asked.

"a dionaga,thats what." i said."chewie,go back and guard the falcon.this will be a while.................................."

------------------ Han Solo,best smuggler all around

Plo-Koon 05-13-2000 05:25 PM


'Darn Beasts lets see if my sabers still work'

::I reached into my Harness and grabbed Qui-Gon Jinn's Saber::

::I pushed the button::

::The saber short-circuited::

'This will take a while before it's dry again this is not good'

~I sense the sith nearby this is definetly NOT good~

'Gary i hope your saber still works i sense the sith nearby'

::I heard some splashing in the swamp::

::I reached into my robe faster than the speed of light and pulled my BlasTech DL-44 the same weapon Han Solo uses::

::Again i heard something splashing in the swamp::

------------------ </FONT>
<FONT COLOR="66FF00" Size="4"> Plo Koon, Jedi Master</FONT>
<FONT COLOR="66FF00"> "My looks may not be good , but the Power of the Force is strong in me" </FONT>

obi 05-13-2000 07:35 PM

we continue to move through the swamp as we are stopped on our tracks by a huge,snarling rancor.

"i thought these creatures where captured to serve the hutts." plo koon said.

"thats true.i myself have encounterd this creature once before.get ready for anything." the rancor took one look at us and walked away."thats weird." i say.

" i thought we were lunch for a parcec.i guess it changed its mind." gary said.

"i wonder why he walked away." i said.then i turned around and i was stareing at a huge beast,much larger than the rancor."uh......guys,we have a problem." i said as they turned around also.

the huge beast slashed a huge claw at me and i jumped to avoid it.he swung at gary.another miss.then at plo.yet another miss from the creature to the jedi.he swung at me,i tried to dodge,but i failed.the huge,flat,paw smashed against my body as i fall to the ground in pain.~ooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwcccccccccccccch hhhhhhhhhh!~

he swung at plo as i heard a sound to faint to me but probably loud to them as i was almost was a humming noise.i heard the humming grow louder and louder.then a screech.i heard a loud thud as the ground shook.something had gotten rid of the animal.but what?

------------------ Han Solo,best smuggler all around

Sith Lord Rage 05-13-2000 08:21 PM

:Out of nowhere a mysterious looking man arises to great them:

"He seems part mechanical, could it be some kind of battle droid?"

"I don't believe so, the droids do not have the skills to weild such powerful weapons, at least I hope not."

"The only man who would carry such a lightsaber and appear mechanical would be Darth Rage!"

:The man stretches out his hand for a shake, it was made purely of metal:

"I think I may be beneficial to your quest, I am Darth Rage, your ally in defeating Sith Lord Maul."

Formerly Maul, Sith Lord
"A Rage lurks in all of us"

Cpl. Shepard 05-13-2000 08:59 PM

And I'm Katarn. Ferry Katarn. I too am a Jedi. I will help you hunt down any Jedi you please.

I'm sure you've heard of my "unorthadox" ways by now. Please, do not be worried. Those people had problems and it's not my fault they threw that lightsaber into Governor Beltane's office.

I was once the most skilled Jedi in the days of the Galactic Civil War. Now, twenty years later, in the Clone War, I'm nothing but an outcast. Both the dark and the light have rejected me from their circles. But at last we will reveal ourselves. At last we will have revenge...

obi 05-13-2000 09:49 PM

i stand to my feet,barely.i can hardly keep my balance. i see 2 more men standing there."who are these people?" i ask plo koon.

"these are two jedi here to help defeat the evil sith."

"MORE JEDI!!!!!!!!" i say.

"yes.allow me to introduce myself.i am darth rage;excuse the name,im not a sith.and this is my companion ferry katarn.we are here to help you jedi."

"im not a jedi.just a poor boy stuck in the outer realm."

"why did you come here?"

"this stupid jedi's sences started to ring and we just had to come."

"couldnt you just say no?"

:: plo koon to darth rage:i used a mind trick on him.he dosent know.:::

: ok:::

"hey!what are you two doin? your not tryin that mind reading fodder are ya?" i ask.

"well,we just saved your lives.we saw you needed help and deafeted this swamp creature for you too live.looks like you got banged pretty hard."

"shut up."

"ha ha.lets go. i sence a huge trembleing in the force." darth rage said.

"i feel it too."plo koon said.

"as do i." gary said.

"me too."ferry katarn put in.

"well,i feel a headache in the force.lets rest,then we shall continue."

"no. the time for departure is now. if we do not move quikly,the sith will."

" head really hurts-"

"oh well.lets go."darth rage commanded.

~who died and left him in charge? i really,really do not like this guy~

------------------ Han Solo,best smuggler all around

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[This message has been edited by obi-wan13 (edited May 13, 2000).]

Sith Lord Rage 05-13-2000 10:15 PM

:Rage showed all of them to his ship, it was magnificent!:

"This should be able to hold all of us"

"Whoa, where did you find such a ship" said Plo.

"I won it gambling, jedi mind tricks can manipulate some quite well...Nevermind that, lets get off this wretched hive, if you want to defeat the Sith you must follow me, are you with me?

"I believe we all are" said Plo.

:So they took off. Rage led them to a mysterious planet 5 parsecs away. The funny thing was, it was not on any data map available. Noone knew what is was. Soon enough it would be made unmistakeably clear that this planet was home to the training grounds of the Sith:

"I know of a jedi group that is situated about 100 miles from the Sith. We can meet up with them, this will be the fight of our lives!" said Rage.

Formerly Maul, Sith Lord
"A Rage lurks in all of us"

Barnabas Antilies 05-14-2000 07:26 AM

:: Still at my farm on Yavin::
{{ Bobba Fett awoke and came into my study late in the morning I had already been up for a few hours ))
Get enough sleep? I asked
" Yes thank you"
No problem. There is food on the table. Help yourself.
" Thanks again. I'll have to eat and run I have a bounty I'm after. "
" Yes. A few small time theives and smugglers. 10,000 credits each. They call themselves the Tectrium. Easy money.
Do you want to come along?"

Sounds like fun. Let me get some things together. Is it a flat rate?
"Yes dead or alive. I prefer dead."
I prefer alive. This will be fun. So how many is a few?
" There are twenty-one of them."
Is that all?

::We board the Black Viper and head to Yago.::



Father Barnabas Antilies, Supreme Chancelor

Darth_Maul 05-15-2000 12:50 AM

<font color="red">Continuing through the swamp, the Sith continue to look for traces to the mysterious deaths of light and dark jedis. As they continue deeper into the swamp, their ability to sense the force grows weaker until it finally plateaus to within a 5 foot bubble around each of them.

Maul continued to fiddle with his lightsaber anxious to find some clue. He knew he had to keep an extra sharp lookout because he couldn't depend on the force to give him a warning of anything.

As they continued through the swamp, they came upon a cave in a clearing. Surrounding the cave were what appeared to be charred remains of humanoid creatures. What could've done this on such a wet planet he thought to himself. Then, it happened...

With a scream, Darth Chaos fell to the ground clutching at his stomach. He began yelling at the top of his lungs as though he was in great pain. Darth Maul rushed over to him while Remmus simply stared at shock and looked around trying to find the source of this.

Maul reached the thrashing Darth Chaos and, placing a hand on his head, could feel some of the pain Chaos was experiencing. To his horror, Maul also discovered he could feel the Force leaving the other Sith's body. Suddenly, Maul was knocked back as Chaos's body exploded into flame. Recovering Maul used what little ability of the Force he could use on this planet to use moisture from the humid air to douse the flames.

Once again placing a hand on Chaos, he could find no trace of the force and his breath came in rasps.

"It came... It Watch *gasp* out... my... brother." Darth Chaos gasped between breaths and then fell back onto the earth.

Darth Maul stood and turned away. "He's dead. Whatever did this was powerful and fast and it... it drained the Force out of him as our master had said was happening to Jedi. These other bodies must be them."

Remmus stared at Darth Maul absorbing the horror the Sith had just described. "Let us move from this place, we must plan."

"Agreed my brother." Maul began to head back toward his ship where they could discuss what to do leaving the smoldering corpse of Darth Chaos behind.

Darth Maul
Dark Lord of the Sith Order

"Fear attracts the fearfull. The strong.....the weak....the innocent. Fear is my ally."

Darth_Maul 05-15-2000 12:59 AM

::I am abandoning this to go to a different continuation of my idea about something mystiously killing light and dark jedi "Star Wars:Mandolorian Sun"::

Darth Maul
Dark Lord of the Sith Order

"Fear attracts the fearfull. The strong.....the weak....the innocent. Fear is my ally."

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