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Master Kenobi 07-03-2000 04:57 AM

Tales of the Jedi: The Old Republic
<font color="lightblue">[i]A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away....[i]

"A long time ago," explained an old Obi-Wan Kenobi to his newest pupil,"There was a time of peace and prosperity that prevailed accross the entire galaxy. It is now known as the Old Republic, and it existed in a place before the dark times, before the Empire..."

"It all began when my master and I travelled to a new forum, refered to as the JPB. The JPB began as a peaceful place, filled with hope and prosperity, the citizens of this place had an abiding respect for one another, and helped each other to a mutual advantage. It quickly became a place where one could go to make friends, joke, and have fun with people with similar interests. Until one day, when I suggested we form a council of learned men, to guide others in the hopes of making a better forum for all, [i]I was wrong.[i]."

"The council, which contained some of the wisest, most benevolent jedi I had ever met, which had the greatest intentions, spread only jealousy throughout the power hungry. It brought forth a darkness, unseen in any forum, ever."

"Rival factions soon sprang up to oppose the newly formed council, which led to much political bickering. Many opposed the idea, calling us "elitists", and "self-proclaimed dictators", they all lost site of the council's true purpose."

"And then, the dark jedi, hunted down and destroyed the jedi council, beginning with MasterYoda, others soon followed, almost all the jedi were wiped out, those who escaped the empire went into hiding, rarely posting, they scattered throughout the other forums, looking for a new place of peace and prosperity."

"But the darkness followed, and after the jedi and the darkness of the empire, there sprang a New Republic, a new breed of jedi, to carry on the legacy of the old. The republic, a mix of newcomers and old friends alike, formed a new life, which returned to the principals of the old ways. And the survivors of the dark times found a new home, among friends, at the Jedi Temple."

"And the JPB was rebuilt, but many of the old, wise jedi had already left. And new ones came to fill there place, leaving only memories and tales of former glory."

[i]"My pride has had terrible consequences for the galaxy..."[i]

May the Force be With You....

Council Member

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obi 07-03-2000 10:57 AM

i agree with your earlier statments and i will check out that link. there is another link of peace and prosperity: you dont have to look for the forums, there is a huge icon there for it.

------------------ Obi-wan13, A life, a jedi, a legend, a hero, a life for good. There is no death, there is the force.

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