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wasabi_bread 07-10-2002 08:05 AM

Fate of Atlantis
hi, I have just gone through a mate's floppy disk collection and stolen.. I mean "BORROWED" his Fate of Atlantis disks...

The problem is there s no sound whatsoever and I want to relieve my 11th birthday with this game!!!!




bgbennyboy 07-10-2002 09:15 AM

The alarm bells are going off here that youve downloaded this from an abandonware site. Nevertheless you need to state what operating system you have befor help can be given.

Zindell 07-10-2002 01:48 PM

Maybe he didn't though, maybe he's just in need of Quick and Easy, If he did download it, then theres no sound whatsoever. End of story.

bgbennyboy 07-11-2002 01:26 AM

And this is exactly why ive been saying we should get some 'sticky notes' in the help forum that detail common problems.

wasabi_bread 07-11-2002 05:21 AM

Well, to be honest, the guy's version was a ahem.. "pirated" copy from Syria, but believe me there is sound!!!! My mate had played it long ago when 386s were the fastest things you could buy!

I was attempting to play it on MY computer after a disappointing attempt on his, and there was a nasty "feedback" like squeal instead of the nice FoA muzak!

And my PC has a Soundblaster sound card (a CM8338 PCI Record [E400]) - whatever that means, is a scummy Celeron II running at a nicely overclocked 414Mhz and a Voodoo 3 graphics card - which I really doubt FoA would need....

Anyway, my secret shame is that I originally played it on my Commodore Amiga 1200... Ahh, those were that days(!)


bgbennyboy 07-11-2002 06:32 AM

Thats all very nice, but you still havent said what operating system you have.

Im not really sure whether I should dole out help if your playing with a pirated copy. But i'll help you get it running and then once you realise how good it is you can go out and buy the cd-talkie version which is even better(its only cheap).

Oh and theres no shame on playing it on an amiga, so did I. The amiga is/was Gods own computer.

wasabi_bread 07-11-2002 07:06 AM

I am using Windows 98.



bgbennyboy 07-11-2002 07:19 AM

See this thread for detailed help.

Try starting it with the following command line:
atlantis.exe a s220/7/64
Thats with adlib and soundblaster sound assuming the default soundcard settings.
Or you could (assuming your autoexec and stuff is set up correctly) run it with the following command line:
atlantis.exe a s

wasabi_bread 07-12-2002 06:42 AM

Well that didn't work...

Still squealing..?!?

I don't know, is the "talkie-CD ROM" version configured more accessibly?

bgbennyboy 07-13-2002 01:20 AM

No offence, but since you dont have a legal copy im not expending lots of time sorting this out with you. Sorry, perhaps someone else will.

wasabi_bread 07-13-2002 03:04 AM

None taken...

I was just wondering, but hey, I do still want to buy the talkie-=CD version.

SO perhaps that will solve my woes!



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