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sean_t_99 07-18-2002 06:05 AM

Do you kill people with their sabers down?
I am just wondering what you guys think about killing people with their sabers down. Personally, I ususally kill them for two reasons:

1. I am sick of the players that start fighting with me and then put their sabers down. Once I kill them they tell everyone on the server I killed them with their saber down, I am a cheater, I suck ect....

2. Other players stand around with their sabers down and when I walk by them, with my saber down, they do some pull/backsweep combo and kill me.

Honestly, I think the SC is a bunch of BS. Usually I watch players and kill the one's that give me a reason to kill them.

Dark_ZONE 07-18-2002 06:17 AM

You have Honor my friend.
If they initiate any conflict, or fight back when engaged with their saber out, then they should be responsible enough to finish it. wether it leads to your demise, or theirs. To run off with the saber down for health or sheilds makes them only a weaker prey, and they are trying to take advantage of your good faith as a combatant. . . FINISH them . . FINISH IT. Gain your closure and know that this warrior doesn't look down on you in any way for these acts . . Oh and HAVE FUN dammit!! . . ;)

its420onthedot 07-18-2002 06:35 AM

I agree. Here is my philosophy and I live by it faithfully.

1. If saber is down, I do not kill. Unless, you have killed me when my saber was down. Oh yes, I will have my vengance.

2. If you are chatting with saber up or down, I do not kill. Unless, you have done it to me. Oh yes, I will have my vengance.

3. If you're fighting someone, and they put saber down, I'll usually wait a couple secs, maybe ask them what's up. No reply = kill. At this point, you are in my opinion, permitted to kill them.

It is pretty frustrating to have some fcukers on the server that have no respect for the other players. Usually, that person or persons are scapegoated immediately and killed with every opportunity.


It's the cheapest kill you could get and if you're hungry for frags that bad, then u suck.


zerowingzero 07-18-2002 06:46 AM

You look like a good canditate for the *ASC*


Dark_ZONE 07-18-2002 07:17 AM

Well . . I will make sure to seek you out then . . won't I . .
Looking forward to fighting a true devilish combatant. It's about time some one Actually stayed on the dark side. They say Dark meat is better for you . . I wanna see . . So swears RONIN{VAL}.

You do realize . . it's a game . . right?


sean_t_99 07-18-2002 10:07 AM

Are you talking to me? Anyway, I like the sarcasm. If you are interested in AMD and Intel and want to read something funny and sarcastic go here:

Twins of Doom 07-18-2002 10:24 AM

my thoughts on saber down:

if they use it to get close to me for a kill...they die
if somebody advances on me while i have my saber off...they die
if they are talking with saber on or off i leave them alone (unless it CTF, CTY, or Team FFA then i kill them
in CTF, CTY and Team FFA i kill them if their saber is off no matter what unless i have good reason not to (somebody asked a question and they are answering it for example)
if they attack me while my saber is down i will fight back and have my vengeance being as cheap as possible

Yoda_623 07-18-2002 12:15 PM

No I don't attack with saber down unless they attack me first without it. I use the SC most of the time though. :)

Darth Kiil 07-18-2002 12:58 PM

Yes, hack their bloody limbs off and offer their internal organs up as a sacrifice to the Dark Side, unless you're having a conversation with them. Otherwise, gut them like fish.

Oran 07-18-2002 01:00 PM

I never attack someone with their saber down. It's like pulling a gun on someone in a gunfight that doesn't have a gun. People that do do it piss me off real bad. It's usually the people who run around with their saber always on, though.

I usually don't even kill people that don't have their window up or saber off, because i usually figure they're having connection problems or something, and if they can't fight back, then there's no point in killing them. the next patch needs to limit the damn dfa to like 1 a minute.

LoneJedi 07-18-2002 01:15 PM

I will not attack anyone with sabre down unless...
we are on a level with or near a chasm
you attacked me with my sabre down
you turn off your sabre in a fight

SLO-Sentinel 07-18-2002 10:45 PM

I never attack people with saber down. I don't need a quick kill (except for a flag carrier. Yeah man, SC can't protect you from me attacking you).
There are times, when I go on a server, turn my saber down, and keep running around, spectating the fights (I know, that I should use spectator mode for this ;)) or I just walk. There are some people ignoring me, but there are also some or more trying to get a quick kill. Too bad I'm not always in a fighting mood to repel them succesfully.

leXX 07-18-2002 11:02 PM

:tsk: Never kill anybody with their saber down unless they hit you with yours down. There could be any number of reasons why they need the space such as phone or doorbell or they just might wanna ask you how you just did that wicked move!

Son of Calypso 07-19-2002 12:05 AM

My dirty little secret...

If your saber is down. You are going to get a wake up call. I don't care if you are in the process of typing a message. If you want to chat, visit a forum such as this or use an IM or email. I for one, have everything I need to say binded (ie. Hey, lol, gg, bye, etc). If I don't have something binded I find a safe spot to type if need be. If I get killed, that's my fault and I deserve it. But unlike some of these newbs that stand out in the middle of an open area and bitch about how I killed them with their sabers down is ridiculous. I need to create a new bind, "Guess you shouldn't have been standing there." Becuase the point is... if I don't kill them someone else is.

Honor is over-rated. You can't assume everyone is going to be honorable. You start off honorable and when you have played as much as myself you learn not to trust anyone. Sure you can assume you can trust even your clanmates, but even then let's say you are both fighting the same guy and your clanmate kills you. Then he say's, "sorry." I know, it happens. Not intentionally, but even still. This is a reason I don't join a clan. Clanmembers get in the way in FFA's and each clanmember you play with is one less person you get to kill. I don't care much about SA honor as you can tell. Although I don't run up to some moron just standing still and DFA'em. I usually give them a wake up call by throwing my saber at them to get their attention. I seek no fun in killing anyone who is unmobile. But if they don't fight back after I toss my saber then they are gonna get sabered!

IMO, if you want to fight honorably, seek out a NF/SO/Duel Server or join a clan whom only fights amongst themselves with honor. But for the majority, never put your saber down unless your on the move....

Do any of you who respect your SC's find yourself attacking someone with their saber down while on the move? (ie. running, walking, jumping, rolling)

Or, does your SC only go into play when your opponent is standing still?

For example; the only time I don't attack someone with their saber down while on the move is when they are challenging me to a duel. Same goes for at a stand-still.

Xzzy 07-19-2002 12:05 AM

If it's FFA and I'm looking for a fight, screw em.

I'll sit there and stare at them for a few seconds, giving them ample opportunity to react. I make aggressive moves as a last chance, a sort of firing across the bow, and if they still haven't reacted (and don't have a type baloon over their head), it's DFA time.

Tubby bich should log out if he wants to eat his dinner. ;)

LivingSacrifice 07-19-2002 01:31 AM

If their saber is down, I won't, unless they do it first.

Fool me once, shame on you
Fool me twice, shame on me!


Spiney 07-19-2002 02:01 AM

Why do people put their sabers down in the first place? I'm not sure I get it at all.

Do they still put the speech balloons over your head when chatting (like in Q3)? I see the little menu system sometimes, and I don't kill those people, but when someone is just standing there, I feel just fine killing them. Besides, how does it hurt you to get killed? They get a point, but you don't really lose anything.

ToppDog 07-19-2002 03:32 AM

I play NF Duel & I will hit you with saber down if it's obvious you're not chatting or having a problem. Once you bow, the fight is on! I will also turn off my saber at times while changing stances & leave it off until pressing attack automatically turns it back on. I don't expect others to lay off me just because I'm walkin around with my saber off either. Bring it!

This is not to be confused with chatting. I always wait until someone is done chatting & ready to go again, but just walking around with saber off cuts you no slack.

Darth Kaan 07-19-2002 05:45 AM


But if they do that, then attack me, I will ignore the chat box over their head from then on until the game/match is over.

Twins of Doom 07-19-2002 06:25 AM

oh ya, if somebody is making rude remarks to me or clan members....i'll have to pretend that there saber is on:chop1:

Dark_ZONE 07-19-2002 09:54 AM


Originally posted by sean_t_99
Are you talking to me? Anyway, I like the sarcasm. If you are interested in AMD and Intel and want to read something funny and sarcastic go here:

No Brother Sean, I was talking to ZEROWINGZERO . . .
I hold you in pretty high regards, but should you ever need a dummy to practice your DFA's on . . I'm Your DUMMY!! . .

qibbish 07-19-2002 12:46 PM

Yes, I kill them--I see no reason for another player to want special treatment unless they were configuring something or typing. To that effect, If they have the chat icon above their head I generally won't. I would rather enjoy reading why people feel the saber off should exist.

On a server with ranged weapons, it becomes imperative to attack anybody at any time, as a player armed with grenades can appear like a player who simply turned their saber off.

Even still, I find time to test this interesting piece of etiquette on whenever I can. Since I can handle myself in 80% of the battles I encounter, I like to walk around with my saber off to see the reaction I get.

Canis_Aureus 07-19-2002 09:41 PM

there are too many cowards on the servers. They will run around finding health whenever they get hurt and avoid duels... I kill these when they have their saber down just to strike some sense into their laser brains :P

zerowingzero 07-19-2002 11:44 PM

I'm not part of the *ASC*, i was just mad that i got kicked from a server for NOT BOWING.

When will people learn, it's a game, not a real life "honorable" duel, peiple like that make me wanna go and play pong onine.

On a side note i don't attack people with there saber down in duels (Some people have good reasons)

I don't play FFA but if they turn their saber off to get health, they can also get a nice saber in their back. :)

Dark_ZONE 07-20-2002 12:58 AM

Hey, It's all good brother Zerowingzero . . You don't have to ride the fence for me . . I respect everyones opinions here, and I will defend their rights to have them. I love to hear what every one has to say, and I do not think less of them if their opinion differs from mine . . no biggy. That's what makes the world and it's people so interesting to me. Only thing I don't like is the guys that have the one PULL/Spinning move . . and thats it. Met a guy today called "Falling Down". He would come up with saber down and PULL/Spin+backstab . . and thats all he seemed to do. So I challenged him to take away his PULL . . Surprisingly enough . . He had real skill, and I told him so . . he killed me (after a good battle) and I gained respect for him, because he showed me that he was a much deeper and more centered warrior that I had assumed.
That is what I try to do with every one here . . I try, but I am only human. So, If I mistakenly misjudge any one . . call me on it . . I will be the first to say "I'm sorry" . . but be who you are, and never regret that . . um, unless your an A$$HOLE . . LOL

zerowingzero 07-20-2002 01:26 AM

Lol Hogan

No offence, but i don't like bowing, i see it as pointless and a waste of peoples time (especially in duel servers) But on the same respect, i don't attack people when they are bowing, and if they are taking too long to do it, i always make some offensive move (such as a few random blue swings)

Maybe if people stop bowing, it's catch on like the bowing craze...


jigahus 07-20-2002 05:51 AM

Re: Do you kill people with their sabers down?

Originally posted by sean_t_99
I am just wondering what you guys think about killing people with their sabers down. Personally, I ususally kill them for two reasons:

1. I am sick of the players that start fighting with me and then put their sabers down. Once I kill them they tell everyone on the server I killed them with their saber down, I am a cheater, I suck ect....

2. Other players stand around with their sabers down and when I walk by them, with my saber down, they do some pull/backsweep combo and kill me.

Honestly, I think the SC is a bunch of BS. Usually I watch players and kill the one's that give me a reason to kill them.

On the spectating post you just said that you walk up to the winner of a duel in ffa and kill em with lightning or pull/back attack him. So STFU you lying punk @$$ son of a beach!!!

MUHAHAHAHAHA 07-20-2002 06:26 AM

If a player has a saber down, is standing still, and has a chat/config window, of course, he/she should not be attacked.

HOWEVER, if a player goes runing around w/ a saber off to go get shields/health/force power/ammo/whatever, he/she lost his protection of the saber off.

The worst is the type who will turn their saber off and stand still, and heal themselves, or push/pull/lightning/drain others.

Basically I go by the following rule: If you are standing still w/ your saber off, and I see you do ANY type of action (heal, push, pull, drain, lightning, etc), you will be attacked at ALL times during the rest of the game, unless you are AFK. If I see you run around w/ your saber off, you are likely up to something, so you will not be given any sort of protection. If someone is in a "duel" and is bowing w/ their saber off, leave them alone, and don't attack until they are done w/ their "duel".

Saber off = peace only if you are really just standing there doing nothing or changing configs. Once you break the barrier of using a force power, attack, etc, you have shown your intentions, and you deserve to be attacked.

As far as bowing, when in Rome, do as the Greeks do. If you want to bow, go ahead, if you want me to bow, well, that's up to me. Expecting someone else to do something is just plain stupid. It's a game, online, there is no referee. You decide your own actions.

cuchulaine 07-20-2002 09:42 AM

Kill em
You are playing a game where you kill your enemies, you don't score points for mercy!

We all have lives outside our PC's and when it calls we disconnect from the game.

I've been killed before whilst changing key assignment and just accept it was my fault for not configuring before I joined the game, I don't yell foul!

I've seen pratts get to an enemy base and the menu icon appears above their head, what am I supposed to do? Leave them alone so they can wait until everybody has gone so they can take the flag, RUBBISH!!! I'm gonna vape the b*%&%* to hell!

Sabre down indeed!

Rad Blackrose 07-20-2002 11:36 AM

My stance:

You make a move on me with my saber down, you are dead.
You attempt to saber throw me, you are dead.
You attempt to use your force powers on me *cough lightning cough*, you are dead.
I see you attack a defenseless player, you are dead.
You try to kick me to death, and you will be removing my boot out of your ass.
You attack me then sheath your saber to avoid death, you are still dead for being a dumbass and thinking you could get away with it.
You abuse the rules of the server to create an uneven edge, you are definetly f'n dead.

Zan Jaseen 07-20-2002 03:17 PM

I was playing a FFA server tonight. Just about the same time I was gripped and thrown off a ledge for the third or fourth time by someone with their saber off I decided that anyone in my path was fair game saber out or not. This is the way I will play FFA from here on out. If someone needs to do something that requires them to put their saber up then they need to go into spectator mode. There's a reason why it exists.

Once I started this I see you I'll kill you tactic I also discovered something else. I must have run into several people who would put there saber down to go find a health source like bacta. Reconfirming my position to just kill anyone regardless of saber out or in.

Like I said if you need to do something that requires you to retract your saber you need to just JOIN SPECTATOR MODE OR DIE!

MUHAHAHAHAHA 07-20-2002 07:33 PM

exactly....saber off means they're currently not attacking with their saber, but it doesn't mean they're not healing, pushing, pulling, ready to detonate a bomb, etc. If someone is at console, it's a whole different story from a llama running around w/ his/her saber off trying to trick people. I believe in being an honorable player, but I do not put up w/ people who turn their saber off to run away from a fight to go heal, or just to have mercy. If you have something important to do, make SURE your console icon is up. People who do this mid-fight often just want time to regerate force. This is unacceptable. Good thing you can hear when they use heal ;).

Basically, if you do ANYTHING w/ your saber off, other than just stand there typing or doing something w/ your configuration, prepare to be attacked by all comers.

Robrob 07-21-2002 05:52 AM

Hels yea i kill them with their saber down. One more easy kill for me. Them and type kills are the best type of kills.

Canis_Aureus 07-21-2002 10:57 AM


Originally posted by Robrob
Hels yea i kill them with their saber down. One more easy kill for me. Them and type kills are the best type of kills.
Nahhh the best type of kills are the ones you get after a long exciting duel... type kills are just for jerkoffs... no challenge = no fun. While I often end in the top, I really couldn't care less about winning a FFA. I would rather win my 7 duels than get 20 kills.

Dark_ZONE 07-22-2002 09:07 AM


Originally posted by Robrob
Hels yea i kill them with their saber down. One more easy kill for me. Them and type kills are the best type of kills.
This kind of reaction just SCREAMS . . NO TALENT!!!
You just keep getting your kills anyway you can. Wouldn't want you to actually EARN one.

CKA_Viking 07-23-2002 12:35 AM

i see if they want to challenge me... but if they start attacking me or using the force.. ill bitch slap them so hard with the saber they wont see it coming!! lol

teutonicknight 07-23-2002 01:12 AM


Hels yea i kill them with their saber down. One more easy kill for me. Them and type kills are the best type of kills.
You = no skill

Try to earn your kill next time you play, It will take some effort, some thing you never heard of I suppose?:cool:

Twins of Doom 07-23-2002 11:31 PM


Originally posted by Robrob
Hels yea i kill them with their saber down. One more easy kill for me. Them and type kills are the best type of kills.
first of all i would like to congratulate you on reaching six whole posts! how many of them said something that didn't get a million people mad at you? 1? we know it definately wasn't six because there is one right here that we're looking at

as for killing people who talk...i did that when i first started, back when i randomly pressed buttons, and wasn't constantly in the bottom three

then i started getting more skill, would get in the top five, and people that had their saber off were dead
i would come up and slice as fast as i could at them...if they whined i said "you had the force, you are never unarmed"
(1.02 again)

then i started getting in the top places, such as one, two, and three consistently (now)
guess what i did? i used some skills, and had honour in my fights, i didn't go around killing people with their saber off for an easy kill...guess what? i'm had more fun
(1.03, and 1.04)

teutonicknight 07-24-2002 12:00 AM

Twins of Doom

I thought you were on vacation? Or was that a long time ago.... I always get mixed up with dates durring the summer (when my brain turns to mush and I forget that 2 +2 = 5.... or is it 4? ;))

SkinWalker 07-24-2002 01:10 AM

You know... the whole Saber Off = Peace thing is very interesting to me. I find it fascinating to see the culture that has developed in an on-line gaming world.

BTW, for those of you who've seen some of my previous posts, let me assure you that I've toggled *sarcasm/humor mode* to the OFF position for a moment.

One of the interesting things that I've noticed about SO = P and some of the other norms that have developed, is that a code of honor is being created. Like nearly every other culture group (even among those that profess to be anarchists) there lies an unwritten or written (or both) set of rules that governs our behavior.

Raven/Lucas probably had no idea what was going to catch on and what wouldn't in this regard.

What makes Jedi Knight Gaming codes/norms/rules interesting is that a norm such as Saber Off = Peace helps to define who's good/bad in the game. We often don't know the other person, so we need these little markers to make those distinctions.

Many posts above echoed similar feelings: "I won't attack you unless you've done it to me/someone else, etc."

Personally, I go with the idea that I'll leave you be unless you show some hostility toward me or someone else. This is important to me, becuase I play the FFA Bespin Streets servers a lot and like to take turns dueling on the pad. In some games, I've stood on/near the pad with up to 12 other players and watched others duel. I personally prefer this to a duel server since you can interact a bit more while waiting for a duel. If you don't want to duel, you can skip a turn.. if others are taking too long to jump in, you can take the initiative.

It just so happens that *every* time I'm on a server where things are going well: folks are making friends, learning from each other, doing funny things, duelling, etc., along comes some d*ck that wants to attack a spectator from behind or toss a saber into the crowd, etc.

Believe it or not, I look forward to this guy/girl! It's fun to watch 10 players just maul him, and I've incited one or two riots.

The only S0 = P problem I have is when you are dueling (with "K" or without) and just when the other player gets to a single digit HP, they power down their saber! I'm sorry if I seem a bit dishonorable, but depriving me of a kill that I worked hard for and deserved after a 10 min duel is dishonorable. I nearly got kicked from a server for that, but I was able to 'splain myself during the vote and it didn't pass. Now THAT's honor! Judged by my peers!

*Funny Mode* toggled on

It's also a hoot to wait at the respawn point for someone who's been pissing everyone off and give him a taste of the old backstab.... well... before 1.04 anyway!

Big Daddy SKin (Mr. Walker to the dishonorable)

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