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journeyman18 07-27-2002 08:07 PM

Hey everyone
hi everyone. i'm new. i was looking around the web for a copy of Full Throttle to download but can't seem to find one. i even looked on both KaZaA and Morpheus. i played in a long time ago but never got to finish the game. i got to the very even of the game then had to quit. i haven't had a chance to play since. i would like to know of a place where i can get a download copy of the full version. can anyone help me? please?

mercatfat 07-28-2002 05:24 AM

Sometimes, you have to pay for things. It's $10 or less in LA's new jewel case in a cheap white box series.

Kieron 08-04-2002 01:22 PM

or you can get the promo from with the dark forces demo :)

that's the first version i had... so nostalgic...

Schmatz 08-04-2002 09:05 PM

Yet another form of the ABONDONWARE-wishers... *hint hint* NO GAME FROM Lucasarts is Abandonware... they still sell them therefore they are NOT abandonware. Especially FT... If you want to play so much, I'm sure you can spare a couple bucks to play it... it's not worth much today, but it's not free. Please... no more of these types of threads...

Metallus 08-04-2002 09:24 PM

I wonder if FT2 will include the orignal game, since it will an 8-9 year gap. That would be pretty sweet, especially the for the console versions :).

MeddlingMonk 08-05-2002 12:32 AM

Wouldn't surprise me. Didn't the JO collectors' edition come with Dark Forces and Jedi Knight? And I once bought, as a gift, an edition of CMI that came with Monkey Island Madness. It's a hoary old LEC tradition.

Joshi 08-07-2002 01:23 PM

DOTT came with maniac mansion, but don't you think FT would be rather big to put in with FT2, and they are still selling FT so i don't think they'd give it away free fith teh sequel. and also, considering they're still selling FT and so still planning to get a profit from it, i don't think you'd be able to find it anywhere for free download (or else it would be piracy and that's not the kind of thing you should be talking about on a public forum created by the organisation that would be a victim of this piracy, don't ya think?);)

MeddlingMonk 08-08-2002 11:59 PM

FT is too big? I can't even imagine what that means.

Anyway, LEC still selling DF, JK, et al. and it never stopped them from bundling them as well.

scabb 08-09-2002 07:05 AM

Perhaps all Lucas Arts adventure games are not abandonware, but that doesn't mean everyone can buy them. It was practically impossible for me to get my hands on Zak McKracken without downloading it, so I see nothing wrong with downloading it - when I see it available for purchase in the UK, I shall be buying it.

Joshi 08-09-2002 11:16 AM


Originally posted by MeddlingMonk
FT is too big? I can't even imagine what that means.

Anyway, LEC still selling DF, JK, et al. and it never stopped them from bundling them as well.

yes, and somewhere in this crazy world, they are still selling maniac mansion. i'm not saying they won't put FT in free with FT2 (okay, i was, but i guess now it's not that big) but i think more probably, after FT2 has been out for a while, they will put them both in a multipack together for a slightly higher price (or if my local Game store has anythin to do with it, a lower price. i remember they sold Simon the soucerer for 8, Simon the...2 for 10 and both of them for 20, which was kind of stupid)

but i still don't think they'd put FT out for free download, not unless LEC did it themselves first.

Ben Whatsisname 08-12-2002 09:12 PM

Get this fact straight, people... There is NO such thing as "Abandonware".

Just because Chevy no longer makes or sells the '67 doesn't mean you can go steal one.

Just because William Shakespeare doesn't write books anymore doesn't mean you can plagerise his works or lift one of his books from the bookstore.

No matter where you live, you can find a copy for sale on ebay, Amazon, LucasArts, etc. If you live where they don't ship, guess what... This means you will actually have to talk to a live person. Find out where it is sold and request a special order from your local computer store. They can either find it through one of their suppliers or order it from the site you found it on. Either way, it will cost you the small fee for the game, some shipping and handling, maybe some tax and/or special order charge, but the games CAN be obtained.

For future refernce, warez chat of any kind will not be tolerated in this forum. End of story and the topic is LOCKED.

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