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SunBurN 07-30-2002 01:31 AM

Too many unique lightpoints in the grid!
What does that mean and how did I cause it to happen??

UniKorn 07-30-2002 02:34 AM

You got too many lights.

SunBurN 07-30-2002 02:48 AM

Do you know what the limit is Unikorn?

UniKorn 07-30-2002 04:16 AM

I'll look it up.

SunBurN 07-30-2002 12:54 PM

Thanks! Also, I think the light intensity and scale may have something to do with it to, I'm not sure. I have some lights over a 1000 with a scale of 5. Do you think that those values matter per entity and would be equivalent to say maybe two or three default value light entities, or is it purely the number of light entities that there is a limit on? Sorry if I'm asking too much, I appreciate any help you can give. Thanks again! :)

Karshaddii 07-30-2002 05:46 PM

There is a limit on lights?

.....I have currently over 1,000 light entitys in my sp map--and it's only 21% complete.

This could be bad...

Emon 07-30-2002 07:49 PM



You have too many lights in your map. In the worldspawn enter key lightgrid and for the value, 64 64 64. Infinite brushes can also cause this error.
I think you need to go higher to something like 128 128 128 for JO, that was for Q3.

And if your problem is an infinite brush, here's how to fix it:


WARNING: Node without a volume / node has 0 tiny portals

An infinite brush. Delete it. The latest build of GtkRadiant has a debug tool that can help the mapper track down infinite brushes. Go to the BSP menu and select No_Vis (No light). After the compile process, a window will open up--assuming you've got bad brushes--and the first brush in the list will be selected and visible in the Z-Window. Merely press Backspace to delete this brush and repeat the No_Vis process. Or, you can use the Find Brush command (Misc menu) to find and then delete those bad brushes.

SunBurN 07-30-2002 09:46 PM

yes, I put in the 64, 64, 64 but it didn't help. I'll try the 128 x 3 and see. I don't have a problem with an infinite brush though (i wish that was the problem), mine is with too many light entities or maybe I have them set with too high of intensity and scale. Anyway, I'll try this. Thanks.


Emon 07-30-2002 09:49 PM

If that doesn't work, you could try 192 192 192, then 256 256 256, etc.

Karshaddii 07-31-2002 04:02 PM

Man, I haven't reached an infinite amout of brushes...*YET*

Give me time

;) :D

Kengo 07-31-2002 06:56 PM

I'm getting this lightgrid thingy too.....

I have maybe 200 light entities. There were probabaly about twice as many, then I got the problem during compling, and got rid of about half the 400 or so that I'd estimate there were before. The strange thing is I might have had more lights than I do now a while ago..and I wasn't getting this problem.

Tried the worldspawn thingy with 128...

Not wanting to sound stupid...:c3po: but what is an infinite brush, and how do you find them?

Kengo 07-31-2002 07:16 PM

MAX_MAP_LIGHTGRID_ARRAY (2277720 >= 1048576)

Im more than a little confused by these numbers too..... :confused:

Emon 07-31-2002 07:19 PM

Try these for the lightgrid:

128 128 256

256 256 512

512 512 1024

Kengo 07-31-2002 07:22 PM

Thanks man, I'm on it :)

Kengo 07-31-2002 07:39 PM

Still no luck :( Very strange, I really don't think I have THAT many lights entities.....

It keeps happening when I try fast vis, but fullvis seems to take ages (I waited nearly an hour then gave up on it). I was willing to wait that long when I knew it would be working...not when it might just come up with the same error as before...but it seems to be taking so long wheras fastvis finishes with this error report within about 4 mins....might there be anything in that, might fullvis work?

Emon 07-31-2002 07:51 PM

Well you could try an insanely huge lightgrid, dunno if it'll help...

2048 2048 2048


Kengo 07-31-2002 08:24 PM

I think I've stumbled across a solution to the problem....
I was locking in the worldspawn entity and it said something about "gridsize" - size of lighting grid to "X Y Z". default="64 64 128". I tried
key: gridsize
value: 512 512 512

And it now seems to be working OK! :)

SuNburN, if you're still getting this problem, this may solve it hopefully.

BTW - Is there any disadvantage to having a large lightgrid as opposed to a smaller one?

Thnaks for the help Emon :)

SunBurN 07-31-2002 11:21 PM

yes I still am so I'll try the 512 x 3 now. Thanks!!!

SunBurN 07-31-2002 11:42 PM

nope that didn't work either. I think I'll try the 2048 x3 next, but I have a feeling I'll just have to go in an delete a few entities.

SunBurN 07-31-2002 11:46 PM

Another weird thing, since I started using a bunch of red, yellow and orange lights, now when I fire my laser gun, the laser doesn't show up. Anyone had that problem before??

Emon 08-01-2002 12:07 AM

Could be the blaster bolts blending in with the excessive color.

SunBurN 08-01-2002 12:10 AM

Yeah that's what I'm thinking too. I found a good site for Q3radiant compiling errors:

Karshaddii 08-01-2002 02:27 PM

Looks both ways secretively--
tiptoes over--


SunBurN 08-01-2002 06:52 PM

I think I kinda fixed the problem of that error although I still get it occasionally, but now the severe problem is I can't see fire runners or lasers that shoot out of the bryar blaster..and I've tried changing the color back to white on the light entities...but it's still screwed up!! I don't have enough hours in the day to keep messing with this!! HELP!!! :confused: :mad: :eek: :bdroid2: :rolleyes: :confused:

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