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winner_rex 07-31-2002 02:06 PM

How do I...
make an r2 unit follow a path when triggered?
I want it to spawn behind a door then roll up to a console...without scripting

Emon 07-31-2002 02:10 PM

Without scripting? You can't. Why don't you just learn ICARUS? It's dead easy.

winner_rex 07-31-2002 04:21 PM

please enlighten me as to how to script this particular sequence then, oh great one :)

idontlikegeorge 08-01-2002 12:46 AM

read the icarus manual :D
youd basically need some waypoints for the path, then have a trigger run a script so an r2 unit goes to point1, point2, etc.

lassev 08-01-2002 01:40 AM

Yeah, it's really easy. You can place the waypoints comfortably with Radiant. And the scripting part is likewise easy. Look at some Raven scripts for examples, why, this part is even explained in the ICARUS manual. Once you start with scripting, you are happy with it the rest of your career. It's a (not sad) truth that to make exceptional maps (SP anyway) you must learn scripting.

Kranckor 08-01-2002 01:48 AM

but can you do it in MP?

winner_rex 08-01-2002 01:52 AM

scripts dont work in MP : /

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