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Karshaddii 08-01-2002 05:24 PM

BehavED Blues...

I am getting quite frustrated at this program.

NOTE: I have read the manual SEVERAL times--and it is leading be to believe that something is wrong here...

When I start it up--the status box has exactly thirteen error messages in it.

THEN-- every "get" box says "INCLUDE ERROR!!!" I have no selections.

Also--when I open pre-done script...for example--the camera_move command.

If I open someone elses--they have a bunch of commands that I dont--revert, get, tag, and helper. Like I said--when I make a camera_move the listed commands are not displayed.

And yes--I installed everything to their default directories.

Am I doing something wrong?? or is my BehaveED just messed up?

I really, really, REALLY need some help here guys--thanks!

Emon 08-01-2002 06:44 PM

Karshaddii 08-01-2002 11:15 PM

Emon--you ROCK!

Thnx a whole freaking bunch!

idontlikegeorge 08-02-2002 03:31 AM

beat me to it :p

Bell 08-02-2002 01:40 PM

and i thank you as well!!!!!:cool:

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