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TheWhiteRaider 08-04-2002 01:09 AM

Some none cheating scripts
These are some ways to use script THAT NONE OF YOU CAN SEE AS CHEATING!:mad:

This is a script I use for the g2animent code to make spawning easy.

set st "g2animent 3 1 4 models/players/stormtrooper/model.glm sound/chars/st1/misc 4"

set st2 "g2animent 3 1 7 models/players/stormtrooper/model.glm sound/chars/st1/misc 4"

set st3 "g2animent 3 1 9 models/players/stormtrooper/model.glm sound/chars/st1/misc 4"

set weequay "g2animent 3 1 6 models/players/weequay/model.glm sound/chars/weequay/misc 4"

set v1 "bind y vstr st;bind u vstr v2;echo st"
set v2 "bind y vstr st2;bind u vstr v3;echo st2"
set v3 "bind y vstr st3;bind u vstr v4;echo st3"
set v4 "bind y vstr weequay;bind u vstr v1;echo weequay"

This way every time I hit (Y) it spawns someone and every time I hit (U) it changes who I spawn.

You can add as many v# to this as you want so you have more to spawn.

Primesghost 08-04-2002 01:28 AM

Does this script spawn bots?

Lightning 08-04-2002 09:27 AM

whats spawning??

TheWhiteRaider 08-04-2002 02:07 PM

This is to spawn stuff useing the g2animent code which is enabled in Jedimod 1.1

These will be simlar to the npcs in SP.

RpTheHotrod 08-04-2002 02:49 PM

admin-only, I presume?

Psionic Jedi 08-05-2002 01:36 AM

Sadly your script doesn't include Reborn, shadow troopers or even Desann... that would be so cool. MP Coop against the baddest Jedi of jk2...

[RAA]-=Chi3f=- 08-05-2002 04:40 AM

Here you go...

set change1 "color1 1;;bind 0 vstr change2"
set change2 "color1 2;;bind 0 vstr change3"
set change3 "color1 3;;bind 0 vstr change4"
set change4 "color1 4;;bind 0 vstr change5"
set change5 "color1 5;;bind 0 vstr change1"
bind 0 vstr change1

Changes the color of your saber every time you press 0. You can add this to an autoexec.cfg file to have it load on game start up.

Primesghost 08-05-2002 06:02 PM

Anyone know the console commands for spawning bots in vanilla JK2? I know the basics are addbot <botname> but is there a way to set their skill level?

ShockV1.89 08-05-2002 10:54 PM

Hm. Would there be a way to add this to a timer to allow it to cycle? A sabre that constantly changes colors would be pretty sweet, but I suck with binds and scripts (never use em), so I'm not sure.


thehomicidalegg 08-06-2002 04:51 AM

bind x "saber1 2; wait 15; saber1 5; wait 15; saber1 2; wait 15; saber1 5; wait 15; saber1 2; wait 15; saber1 5; wait 15; saber1 2; wait 15; saber1 5; wait 15; sabre1 2"

this makes you saber flashes between yellow and purple, you cant do anything when its flashing though.

FatalStrike 08-08-2002 04:26 PM


Originally posted by Lightning
whats spawning??
Well when a boy fish and a girl fish like eachother....

Clone_1102A 08-08-2002 10:35 PM

LOL!! HAHHA G1 Fatal! Lol

TheWhiteRaider 08-09-2002 01:46 AM

This a bit long.

This is for Jedimod's Emotes

set v1 "bind kp_pgup sit;bind kp_uparrow vstr v2;echo ^2sit;bind kp_home vstr v44"
set v2 "bind kp_pgup stand;bind kp_uparrow vstr v3;echo ^2stand;bind kp_home vstr v1"
set v3 "bind kp_pgup kiss;bind kp_uparrow vstr v4;echo ^2kiss;bind kp_home vstr v2"
set v4 "bind kp_pgup taunt;bind kp_uparrow vstr v5;echo ^2taunt;bind kp_home vstr v3"
set v5 "bind kp_pgup draw;bind kp_uparrow vstr v6;echo ^2draw;bind kp_home vstr v4"
set v6 "bind kp_pgup nod;bind kp_uparrow vstr v7;echo ^2nod;bind kp_home vstr v5"
set v7 "bind kp_pgup shake;bind kp_uparrow vstr v8;echo ^2shake;bind kp_home vstr v6"
set v8 "bind kp_pgup super;bind kp_uparrow vstr v9;echo ^2super;bind kp_home vstr v7"
set v9 "bind kp_pgup thumbsdown;bind kp_uparrow vstr v10;echo ^2thumbsdown;bind kp_home vstr v8"
set v10 "bind kp_pgup looks;bind kp_uparrow vstr v11;echo ^2looks;bind kp_home vstr v9"
set v11 "bind kp_pgup flip;bind kp_uparrow vstr v12;echo ^2flip;bind kp_home vstr v10"
set v12 "bind kp_pgup dest;bind kp_uparrow vstr v13;echo ^2dest;bind kp_home vstr v11"
set v13 "bind kp_pgup ****y;bind kp_uparrow vstr v14;echo ^2****y;bind kp_home vstr v12"
set v14 "bind kp_pgup jedi;bind kp_uparrow vstr v15;echo ^2jedi;bind kp_home vstr v13"
set v15 "bind kp_pgup way;bind kp_uparrow vstr v16;echo ^2way;bind kp_home vstr v14"
set v16 "bind kp_pgup scratch;bind kp_uparrow vstr v17;echo ^2scratch;bind kp_home vstr v15"
set v17 "bind kp_pgup dunno;bind kp_uparrow vstr v18;echo ^2dunno;bind kp_home vstr v16"
set v18 "bind kp_pgup power;bind kp_uparrow vstr v19;echo ^2power;bind kp_home vstr v17"
set v19 "bind kp_pgup barf;bind kp_uparrow vstr v20;echo ^2weird;bind kp_home vstr v18"
set v20 "bind kp_pgup throw1;bind kp_uparrow vstr v21;echo ^2throw;bind kp_home vstr v19"
set v21 "bind kp_pgup throw2;bind kp_uparrow vstr v22;echo ^2throw2;bind kp_home vstr v20"
set v22 "bind kp_pgup throw3;bind kp_uparrow vstr v23;echo ^2throw3;bind kp_home vstr v21"
set v23 "bind kp_pgup adjust;bind kp_uparrow vstr v24;echo ^2adjust;bind kp_home vstr v22"
set v24 "bind kp_pgup beg;bind kp_uparrow vstr v25;echo ^2beg;bind kp_home vstr v23"
set v25 "bind kp_pgup kneel;bind kp_uparrow vstr v26;echo ^2kneel;bind kp_home vstr v24"
set v26 "bind kp_pgup punch;bind kp_uparrow vstr v27;echo ^2punch;bind kp_home vstr v25"
set v27 "bind kp_pgup slap;bind kp_uparrow vstr v28;echo ^2slap;bind kp_home vstr v26"
set v28 "bind kp_pgup sleep;bind kp_uparrow vstr v29;echo ^2sleep;bind kp_home vstr v27"
set v29 "bind kp_pgup spintaunt;bind kp_uparrow vstr v30;echo ^2spintaunt;bind kp_home vstr v28"
set v30 "bind kp_pgup bounce;bind kp_uparrow vstr v31;echo ^2bounce;bind kp_home vstr v29"
set v31 "bind kp_pgup breakdance;bind kp_uparrow vstr v32;echo ^2breakdance;bind kp_home vstr v30"
set v32 "bind kp_pgup Taunt 0;bind kp_uparrow vstr v33;echo ^2taunt 0;bind kp_home vstr v31"
set v33 "bind kp_pgup Taunt 1;bind kp_uparrow vstr v34;echo ^2taunt 1;bind kp_home vstr v32"
set v34 "bind kp_pgup Taunt 2;bind kp_uparrow vstr v35;echo ^2taunt 2;bind kp_home vstr v33"
set v35 "bind kp_pgup Taunt 3;bind kp_uparrow vstr v36;echo ^2taunt 3;bind kp_home vstr v34"
set v36 "bind kp_pgup Taunt 4;bind kp_uparrow vstr v37;echo ^2taunt 4;bind kp_home vstr v35"
set v37 "bind kp_pgup Taunt 5;bind kp_uparrow vstr v38;echo ^2taunt 5;bind kp_home vstr v36"
set v38 "bind kp_pgup Taunt 6;bind kp_uparrow vstr v39;echo ^2taunt 6;bind kp_home vstr v37"
set v39 "bind kp_pgup Taunt 7;bind kp_uparrow vstr v40;echo ^2taunt 7;bind kp_home vstr v38"
set v40 "bind kp_pgup Taunt 8;bind kp_uparrow vstr v41;echo ^2taunt 8;bind kp_home vstr v39"
set v41 "bind kp_pgup Taunt 9;bind kp_uparrow vstr v42;echo ^2taunt 9;bind kp_home vstr v40"
set v42 "bind kp_pgup Taunt 10;bind kp_uparrow vstr v43;echo ^2taunt 10;bind kp_home vstr v41"
set v43 "bind kp_pgup Taunt 11;bind kp_uparrow vstr v44;echo ^2taunt 11;bind kp_home vstr v42"
set v44 "bind kp_pgup Taunt 12;bind kp_uparrow vstr v1;echo ^2taunt 12;bind kp_home vstr v43"
bind kp_pgup sit
bind kp_uparrow vstr v2
bind kp_uparrow vstr v44
bind t spintaunt
echo sit

7 on the KP:Prev. Emote
8 on the KP:Next Emote
9 on the KP:Use Emote

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