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jedi qin-jon 08-21-2002 02:18 PM

what saber color do you like
what kind of saber color do you like vote on this poll if seen plz.

Kstar__2 08-21-2002 03:02 PM



Lightning 08-21-2002 03:50 PM


btw were is that invisible poll?

DS ChAoS 08-21-2002 08:30 PM

Simply put my favorite saber colour


I like green

Intrepid_JKII 08-22-2002 12:01 AM

Red :)

Old_Ben 08-22-2002 12:22 AM

I always use a Blue saber because Blue is a great color.

Guise 08-22-2002 12:25 AM

Green all the way!

Psionic Jedi 08-22-2002 02:59 PM

Red with a Forceuser Reborn as seen in my Buddy icon and Yellow or Orange with a Jedi/J2 since it matches.

I used to go with Green/Blue with a Fencer reborn and Luke, but Luke's taunt got boring and green is sorta treehuggish (no offense to the lukes and fencer reborns out there!).

GE Predator 08-22-2002 03:04 PM

Hmm... there was this badass poll somewhere on here askin the same thing. I wonder where it got to?

Anyway, I like Yellow :D It goes so good with the jedi/j2 skin IMO. I've been using yellow since ahh.... 2000 lol. Before that I used alot of those BFP ones.

Mazellion 08-23-2002 10:21 PM


teutonicknight 08-24-2002 12:32 AM


But in JediMod, I like Blue green

Sam 08-24-2002 10:45 AM

teal in jedi mod

JEDI OUTCAST 08-24-2002 10:50 AM

may i say what poll. but what the hell. mine is any color but my best color is blue.

zerowingzero 08-24-2002 11:13 AM

It stops geting funny the third post in that he screwed up in making a poll

JerAir 08-26-2002 06:44 PM


RpTheHotrod 08-26-2002 06:54 PM


Zedar 09-07-2002 11:59 AM

Usually red

CenturiOn 09-07-2002 12:30 PM

i like purple with reborn boss and shadowtrooper

Andrew Past 09-07-2002 12:57 PM


Originally posted by Old_Ben
I always use a Blue saber because Blue is a great color.

What he said.

<|DLS|>Darth Fett 09-07-2002 01:22 PM

:fett: What poll???? Oh well. I dont have a favorite colour really :p, my choice depends on what model im using. Like if im Darth i choose red, If im Jango Fett( not Bloody likley[i dont like him]) i choose Blue , or if im Boba Fett( Bloody likely ) i choose Green . Ya see wat im sayin. but my average is RED ..........

i think:D :fett:

kasser 09-07-2002 01:27 PM

I like silver

Darth Vicious 09-07-2002 07:43 PM


Jedi Spy 09-07-2002 09:03 PM

I use purple alot but sometimes i like to play as luke and i have to play green :D

<|DLS|>Darth Fett 09-07-2002 11:50 PM

NO WAIT i change my average to Green cuz i allmost always use boba fett. I hate the jango fette model for some reason :D ! :fett:

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