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Duncan Idaho 08-21-2002 09:27 PM

Plain and simple, I got bombed earlier today with 3 HUGE ads all at once, and every return I made to the site after hit me with MONSTER SIZED ads telling me how 'Unsecure' my computer is.
Nevermind I'm behind a hardware firewall and have a good Antivirus..
Some people could be SUCKERED by these SUPER SIZED ads, I suppose, but I really think the TRUTH is they will cause people to AVOID this site.
There's enough ads on as it is, do we really need FULL SCREEN SOLID RED POP UP ADS with GIANT YELLOW TEXT ON THEM? I think not.
Just an opinion, but if it doesn't change, I'll get my JK2 files somewhere else. Considering half the time is down anyway, I often end up doing just that.
Mind you, I DO understand the need to pay for the web hosting. But THIS is just RIDICULOUS. I haven't seen such bad ads since I was redirected to some crappy PRON site. (Bet that the PRON site at least works 24/7 though).
One last note: I suggest any users with the knowledge turn OFF cookies that pull user identifiable data in your browser, cause SOMETHING here tracks every move you make even when you LEAVE and visit other sites. It's probably one of the ads served here, but it's definitely tracking where you browse, and serving that data back to someone, take my word for it. Everyone else should get a nice cookie blocking program like Ad-Aware. Big Brother is WATCHING.:mad:

Old_Ben 08-22-2002 01:11 AM

You know it has actually been months since I had a problem loading up It actually seemsto load faster than most websites. And as for the big ads I occasionaly get a few but mainly get nice small ones when I'm there.

Duncan Idaho 08-22-2002 01:38 AM

I wish I had the same luck.
Sorry for the rant anyway, folks. It's just getting ridiculous trying to tool around the net. I spend more time lately shutting down popups than I do actually browsing.
As for working well for you, that's luck I guess. I hit the site quite often and find it's down, or not serving files, or is dead slow, or (and this kills) not showing the pictures for whatever new files are posted, so you don't know what's what.
I still hate the big pop-up ads, though, and think they should be removed from the site. They increase load times (for the dialup users anyway, not a problem for me directly), give more avenues for cookies to be placed on your drive to track your browsing habits, and generally offer useless stuff to begin with. deserves better ads than the ones it's serving the past 2 days or so.
They should try getting ATI to advertise their new Radeon 9700 Pro there, that's something some of us might actually bother clicking through!
:end rant:

Duncan Idaho 08-28-2002 08:03 PM

Just a note: Since I didn't like the (HUGE POPUP) ads and spoke up, I feel compelled to mention that I noticed they don't seem to be there now.
In all fairness, I must tip my hat to any involved with this decision. is a better place without them.
Kudos to all of you! Keep up the insanely good work!

Great...gone until you enter the files you're bombarded with 3 mega sized pop up ads just trying to get to the file you want. Give us a more direct path to the mega popup per file is plenty! Any more is just plain abusive, annoying...and enough to drive me to another site.

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