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BrotherEstapol 08-27-2002 12:57 AM

Jedimod/Light Saber problems..
I can't get any of the cvars(for the Jedimod) for the folowing to work: 2 Light Sabers (at once), 2 double lightsabers at once or get double Light Sabers for bots.

Thankyou :D

thehomicidalegg 08-27-2002 06:19 AM

for 2 light sabres, turn off your sabre, then type in console /twosaber (assuming you have defalt settings, if not, type this in first mod_dualsaber 1

for two destroyers, you must then change mod_dualblade to 2, turn off your sabre, then type /thedestroyer.

BrotherEstapol 08-27-2002 08:38 PM

Thankyou, it works! Very helpful:D

thehomicidalegg 08-28-2002 06:21 AM

your welcome

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