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X-Jakker 09-19-2002 10:45 PM

What is your favorite type of explosive?
I just wanted to know from demolitionmen, what is your favorite explosive?

Rad Blackrose 09-19-2002 10:53 PM

Det pack, need I say more?

The number 1 reason why I am feared on non Promod gun servers: Blackrose Bombing Raids.

Guardian Omega 09-19-2002 10:56 PM

Next to the bomb king of NF JKI. :D
j/k, lol, I use explosives when I have the chance, and det packs are too useful to overlook. I come from pure saberist to a use-all player.

Psionic Jedi 09-20-2002 01:04 AM

My favorite explosive is one that doesn't favor me as it's target :D

Seriously though I like any explosive that I can get my hands on. They might be hazardous to myself but at least I can go out in flames, literally.

Toonces 09-20-2002 03:34 AM

I love them all, but I rarely use any of them, it's much more fun to push thermal dets back at the thrower, or to detinate their proxy mines with saber throw while somebody is laying them :D

thehomicidalegg 09-20-2002 04:18 AM

det packs all the way!

Lightning 09-22-2002 03:57 PM

the one were they die and you don't:rolleyes:

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