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UnownT 09-21-2002 06:17 AM

Is Jedi Outcast worth buying?
I have a copied version of Jedi Outcast (1.02a)
Everything in the singleplayergame works fine but I can't use the Multiplayer mode
If I try it, my game crashes or freezes
Now I want to know, would you buy the whole game only for the multiplayer mode?

Any advice is welcome

Darth Kaan 09-21-2002 06:47 AM

Yes, it is worth buying. You multiplayer problems most likely stem from your burned copy. Pirated software tends to have problems...

Lightning 09-21-2002 04:35 PM

yes!!!!!!!!!11 buy it now!:D

Kstar__2 09-21-2002 04:42 PM


*uses force mind trick*
"you will buy JO"
UnownT: "i will buy JO"

my job here is done:D

Psionic Jedi 09-21-2002 05:29 PM

At least it's 10$ less than Warcraft 3 :rolleyes:

<|DLS|>Darth Fett 09-21-2002 06:14 PM

Most defintatly u should buy! even though i didnt, he he he he :D
I got a burned copy that works great on mine! YESSSS!! go out and buy urslef a copy before the are all GONE. heh heh heh.

acdcfanbill 09-21-2002 06:29 PM

Discussion of piracy is not allowed on these boards. I have noted those involved.

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