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smokedookee 09-24-2002 10:58 PM

ferking retarded, we cant even search the forum.
why has the administrator disabled the searching? i havent logged on in months and i wanted to see if there was any talk of a Kit Fisto model. we finally got Yoda after waiting forever and a day.

Please see this thread for info. - Canoli

Homosexual Ewok 09-24-2002 11:47 PM

Now be nice, the admins are people with feelings too.

Datheus 09-24-2002 11:52 PM

I read in a sticky somewhere or other.. the amount of power it would take to search the forums.. well, they just don't have it at their disposal.. so please, cut them a little bit of slack, unless you want to donate something to help with the costs and requirements running such a big joint as this

thehomicidalegg 09-25-2002 12:01 AM

it's disabled to reduce the server load, but i believe there's a recent thread about that in here somewhere.

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