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Luc Solar 09-25-2002 03:06 AM

Ladder / Ladder 2
I recently downloaded and played both ladders.

Ladder 2:

Set it on Jedi Master difficulty. (Wanted to get owned :D )
Tried to get used to the weird sp-style of fighting. Killed a few dozen reborns in the process without taking a scratch. Finally some shadow trooper was lucky enough to mess up my shields, so I was forced to deal with Vader having only 48 health 0 shields (50 being the max).

Vader jumps in spamming lighting. I try to absorb, but since there is no absorb...end up taking ~10 damage. Vader dies in a few seconds: swing, swing, lunge, swing the end.

Im standing there with Luke, waiting for something to happen. The door won't open. Naturally I kill the droid, swing at "I-got-god-mode-on-Luke", but still nothing happens.

Was that it? I beat the ladder? I'm teh 1773?

I reload the last fight. Over and over again. Finally Vader choked me to death and I felt much better.

Time to try ladder 1.

Same thing here, except that I am forced to whore heal every once in a while. Not enough space...too many sabers flying at me... no Luke.
Then Kyle screams "Desaaaaaannnn!!" again and I know Vader is about to join the fun.

But....OH MY GOD!! What's up with Vader?!? He pulls and pushes me all over the place while spamming lightning and gripping me to death, cutting me into ribbons!?!?!! OMG!

What a bad-ass! He's grip seems uncounterable: no matter how I push/pull/grip him, nothing happens, I simply die. Full health, full force...and yet I'm gripped to death!

It seems that all those years practicing gripping imperial officers finally payed off. He must have, like, grip lvl 12! :eek: :eek:

Anyways, I manage to land a few hits. A few lunges, a dozen solid red stance swings...half a dozen 3-hit-red stance-combos.. And yet Vader lives?

...WTF?!? He didn't heal, he didn't drain me >>> H@X0rz!!!

So yeah...I saw what he was up to, damn h4Xor, and pushed his lame ass outta the window. :mad:

Did I miss something? Is ladder2 really that easy, and is ladder1-Vader a cheater? Can he be beaten? Does he regenerate or have 10.000 hp?

InsaneiaC 09-25-2002 03:33 AM

Hes a cheater

Damn him

cheating bastard

Luc Solar 09-26-2002 11:53 AM

Ummm...I'm not really satisfied yet.

Vader is a cheating bastard, that we all know. (He beat me, it would be impossible to do that unless he's cheating! :rolleyes: )

But can he be beaten? Does he have a huge load of hp or is he using god-mode?

Darth Kaan 09-27-2002 02:11 PM

He can be beaten. But in both ladder maps Desaan is who you fight at the end. You using a desaan to vader pk3?

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