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The Lopper 09-28-2002 08:08 PM

How to Kill a Game
Q: How do you kill a game that's already lost a large percentage of its players (to a demo game, no less)?

A: Arange it so that the in-game screen no longer shows internet servers and players have to use a third party tool to find a game.

Great Job Raven!! You Guys Rock!!

Your Friend,

The Lopper

JEDI_Nova 09-28-2002 09:09 PM

my game still shows servers.........r u sure uve got it to check the internet and not local?

Homosexual Ewok 09-28-2002 09:56 PM

Nah something is wrong w/ a lot of people's in-game browsers.

Mine only returns about 20 servers, yet GSA shows several hundred.

I've noticed since Thursday a lot of NF players have been popping up on FF servers complain that their favorite NF servers are not showing up.

Darth Kaan 09-29-2002 12:34 AM

What is weird for me is that one day my favorites won't show up, the next day no servers, the next day all of them show. But as long as I re-enter the server ip it shows in the list regaurdless...

It has to be the main server causing this.

MysticSpade 09-29-2002 01:44 AM

once again something is wrong with the master server (where the in-game server list comes from). i myself only get bout 20 or so servers now. so don't worry it'l be fixed soon enuff.

<|DLS|>Darth Fett 09-29-2002 01:58 AM

The jedi knight2 communty is dieing, i rarly ever see a packed server anymore. What has happened!?! Im pissed off, even though ive stoped playin alot(cuz i have counter strike now :D ) I dont think evryone else should too. Its a great game and it shant DIE!!

Lightning 09-29-2002 04:31 AM

counter strike sucks monkey balls:mad:

mima kake 09-29-2002 06:19 AM

Well it is good to know its a common problem.

I gad the same kind of thing the last few times.
(no serevers at al)
We just have to wait till it get fixed i guesse.

Lightning 09-29-2002 06:24 AM

i hope it will get fixed soon:(

Kstar__2 09-29-2002 08:24 AM

i use ASE, didn't notice it at all:D

Tyrion 09-29-2002 02:20 PM

ASA? All Seeing Aye?:D

But uh,there's another way to kill a game

1. Get a big maul
2. Slam the CD with the big maul


Kstar__2 09-29-2002 02:26 PM


Originally posted by Tyrion
ASA? All Seeing Aye?:D

But uh,there's another way to kill a game

1. Get a big maul
2. Slam the CD with the big maul


can't you read you little calvin?:p

Darth Kaan 09-30-2002 02:29 PM

The problem has cleared up for me, must have been a main server glitch.

FatalStrike 09-30-2002 03:54 PM

Also don't forget that after all those technical problems make sure to release patches that slow down your game.....

....just in time for a new game that is incredibly fast to come out and make yours seem like it has a flat tire.

Homosexual Ewok 09-30-2002 09:29 PM

Use qtracker, I always get more servers than ASE/GSA/In-game combined.

Syfo-Dyas 09-30-2002 10:26 PM

Part of the decline in numbers can be attributed to school and college starting. It just ain't summer no more!

Somebody mentioned that they aren't playing because they got Counter Strike. It's always the next BIG THING isn't it? Today everyone's doing this. Tomorrow everyone's doing that. Shows a lot of devotion, doesn't it? Just follow the trends, and go with the flow...

Personally, I still enjoy playing but I'm frustrated by the lack of people using PROMOD. It gets boring hacking at a person with a light saber over and over until finally you kill them, or they get a bigger gun! It's like chopping down a tree with a dull axe!
Promod makes it fun and challenging! You have to use use some SKILL! I don't understand WHY it hasn't become the standard.

NanashiKnight 09-30-2002 11:22 PM

I agree!there are so FEW servers with promod...

ArtifeX 10-01-2002 09:26 AM

I've been talking with Kurgan a bit about doing a big review of ProMod that'll get put on the front page of He's getting his computer repaired at the moment, so we'll just have to hope he gets the opportunity to try it out soon.

Also, there's going to be a lot of converts to ProMod as the next versions come out. I'm working on it every chance I get.

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