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lilJedi 09-28-2002 08:40 PM

spawning npc's and map switching
how do I change maps using the console in the there a list of maps anywhere?

i tried typing "map mapname" but it says map doesnt exist...i dont know the names of the maps. and the folders dont have the maps listed.......

also around how many various Saber wielding enemies can u guys spawn in a small map area before your framerate becomes too low to play?

is there a command to type to display framerate?

teleguy 09-29-2002 08:13 AM

The command to display your framerate is
cg_drawFPS 1 .
Map switching info here .

lilJedi 09-29-2002 05:39 PM

thanks alot!

Datheus 09-29-2002 06:18 PM

btw.. depending on your card... I have a nVidia TNT2 (gags)... I can spawn around... 15-20 Reborn before my framte rates starts to crap on itself... But I can get alot more than that, but I only get like 5fps..

lilJedi 09-30-2002 01:30 AM

i have a radeon7000 (worse gag) i can get about 12 for 19fps.....which is still fightable.

but who needs big fights...cant see what u do! i much prefer fighting over powered enemies like desann.......with some help from friends....!

we must protect the academy! thats cool part in the game where the other jedi help you.

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