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Anakin 09-30-2002 05:00 AM

AOTC:TC Server Problems
Right I have had to move to a new server due to the fact that Squareinternet are being as much use as a choclate tea pot.

So give me till Wednesday and we shall have a newer better server. I know this is a pain, but its was even worse when I could no longer create cgi-bin or even make the forums, so that have gone and we have moved to a better host that will provide us with a lot more :)

Sorry to do this guys, If I knew that this was going to happen I would of dont this weeks ago, but as I only really got this morning to tinker with it. software has a lot to ans for.

So hopefuly I shall have it up and running by the end of the week.

Sorry again guys/galls


LordDarthMaul 09-30-2002 06:31 PM

Hey Anakin!

Stop with all those appologies!!! You guys of AOTC:TC are doing great work. I don't give a damn, if it takes you a month. I'm much more interrested in the TC than in that Homepage.

So respect again and again!
And keep on working on the AOTC!!!

PS: Come up with some Screenies again, please! ;)

Anakin 10-01-2002 03:49 AM

Screenies hey, im sure I can get that sorted :)


Anakin 10-01-2002 04:35 AM


We have moved to here.

So update your book marks etc etc, but the site wont be up for 48hrs until the DNS is registerd etc.

See you all there soon :)


LordDarthMaul 10-01-2002 11:47 AM !!!

Now that sounds professional to me ;)

Toonces 10-01-2002 01:24 PM

That's good news indeed :) I've been working hard on some new episode II models :) Can't wait to post some shots for you

Quotation 10-03-2002 11:29 PM

Anakin, check your Hotmail account please. I have some things to show you...;) TC related of course. (*cough* Archives *cough*)

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