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ForthRight 10-01-2002 05:50 AM

Problems with AI bots in Mulitplayer
Okay, it all turns into a mess.

For example, I setup a Team FFA map with a `red` team of Vader, Maul and ShadowTrooper and a `blue` team of myself, Luke and Kyle.

The first time I play the map it seems to work alright but when the match ends and restarts suddenlu all the AI bots names are messed up and some are on the wrong team. I found myself fighter Luke and Kyle even though they were on my team before, and also their names were wrong - when I killed Luke it said I had killed Vader?

I`m quite new to the game so could somebody tell me why this happens and if it is a normal problem. It just seems a bit pointless setting specific blue and red teams when the game decides to change them all around and load the wrong names for the models etc.



MysticSpade 10-01-2002 05:54 AM

got me bud i don't play bots i play ppl

The Truthful Liar 10-01-2002 06:20 AM

Welcome, ForthRight! I hope you enjoy your stay and please accept this complimentary Lucasforums welcome basket filled with numerous amounts of candy which you can snack on while browsing through our forums! :D :D :D

Yes, you have a rather interesting quandry there - good luck in getting it solved, don't worry though I'm sure there are a good number of people here who will be able to assist!

Cheers ;)

ForthRight 10-01-2002 07:11 AM

Thanks for the welcome AB_Legion! :)

MysticSpade - I would rather play people too but my connection isn`t good right now. :( The bots aren`t bad though... infact I`ve just played Battlefield 1942 and the bots in that game make Jedi Knight`s bots seem like super-human genius fighting machines! :)

Thanks for the replies, hopefully someone can solve my problem.


Jedi Spy 10-01-2002 07:20 AM

dont play bots, play people -nt-

Jedi Spy 10-01-2002 07:20 AM

dont play bots, play people -nt-

Darth Kaan 10-01-2002 06:37 PM


Originally posted by Jedi Spy
dont play bots, play people -nt-
He just said he would prefer to but his internet connection is bad.
Try comprehending what you read and post something helpful not moronic.

MysticSpade 10-01-2002 09:11 PM

ok i'm gonna try my best to help

anytime i set up a team related server with bots this prob occurrs for me also so tis either a bug (most definitely) or it's a normal occurrence. so don't sweat it just enjoy the game.

thehomicidalegg 10-02-2002 01:19 AM

that happens all the time.

Datheus 10-02-2002 02:22 AM

Just play SP!

I find it more enjoyable than MP 70% of the time

ForthRight 10-02-2002 07:41 AM

Ok thanks for the help - at least it is a known problem.


Prime 10-02-2002 10:32 AM


I'm not quite sure what your problem is, but if you want to play against computer opponents, I suggest you do it in single player. You can load any map into singleplayer with the

map <mapname>

command. This includes any of the the MP maps that come with the game or you have downloaded. Then you can spawn any of the NPCs from the SP game with the

npc spawn <npcname>
e.g. npc spawn reborn

command. Every now and then I do it and take on a bunch of reborns at once. They are much more difficult and fun than in MP and the action is much more realistic (better collision detection, and so on). The only problem is you can't use bots that you've downloaded off the web. However, you can convert MP skins and models to replace those from the original game. You can replace the Reborn with Darth Maul, for example.

Anyway, I've just found much more fun than playing MP bots. I suggest you give it a try. I play both people online and SP enemies. Playing people is fun and the most difficult, but I find playing SP NPCs has a much more Star Wars-like feel to it (you are not fighting someone called Dogg123, they don't spam moves, they don't say "l33t" or call everyone n00bs, and so on, which can be a nice change from time to time).

Have fun!:)

huix 10-02-2002 10:47 PM

how to convert MP skin to SP skin?
How to convert the skin from MP downloaded bot to SP? Thks :)

Kurgan 10-02-2002 11:08 PM

For sabers it might be cooler, but the guns combat in SP pales in comparison to that possible in MP. ; p

Somebody help this guy!

thehomicidalegg 10-03-2002 01:10 AM

you have to edit the assets folder... but you'd be better off just getting a total conversion mod

Prime 10-03-2002 11:08 AM

You are right Kurgan, it really only works well for saber duels, which is what I use it for. I guess I didn't specify that in my last post :p

As for using downloaded skins/models in single player, you don't have to edit the assets0.pk3. You can use the same mechanism that you use to add skins to MP. What I did was extract the pk3 file, and change the directory name to the SP NPC you want to replace. For example, if you want to replace the reborn with Maul, you would change:

models/players/maul to models/players/reborn

Once you do that, go into the directory with all the model and texture files, and you will see a .skin file. Open it up and you'll see a bunch of file paths. Replace all "maul"'s to "reborn". Then put everything back into the pk3 file, and put that into your base directory. When the game loads, it will also load this new .pk3 file and replace the models from the original game.

This technique is the same as the one to replace kyle with a different skin or model. I think there are a few threads on this forum (might even be a sticky) that discribe this process in more detail. The only difference is that you don't change the directory to "kyle", but to whatever NPC you are replacing.

Hope that helps :)

Prime 10-03-2002 11:20 AM

As to your original problem ForthRight, how are you setting up your game? I don't really play CTF (with bots or otherwise), but I seem to remember that when I did try it, setting it up properly was kind of tricky. If I put in the bots I wanted in the setup screen (even with equal teams enforcement off), when I started the game the bots seem to be randomly put on either team. I couldn't seem to get light side on one team and dark side on another, for example.

What I had to do was in the setup menu, decide how many total players I wanted and set all those slots to HUMAN. Then I started the game, which of course ment that only I was there. Then I went to the in-game menu and selected ADD BOT. This menu allows you to select which bot you want and which team you wanted it on. This allowed me to set the teams up the way I wanted. However, I don't remember what happened when the next game started. Give it a try and see if it works, and remember that I did this a while ago, so I may be a little off.

Good luck.

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